I just love Meet the Member Mondays, don’t you? It’s always fun to get to know other Christian writers! Join with me in getting to know fellow writer, Tim Chezum.  Tim has close to 100 articles posted on FaithWriters, most of those from The Writing Challenge.

LYNDA: Welcome, Tim! Start by telling us a little about yourself and your Christian testimony.

TIM: I’m 45 years old, born and raised in Southern California. I am the youngest of eight children, four boys and four girls. I work as a school bus driver instructor for a private contractor that provides school bus services mostly for special needs students. I have been a Christian my entire life. As far back as I can remember I went to church and always knew Jesus was my savior. I wasn’t raised in a Christian household, my brothers and sisters took me to a small community church just up the street from our house.

Although I have had periods where I turned my back on God, I know he has always been there for me, and that there is a reason for everything that happens … even if it does not make sense at the time. This seems to be especially true with recent issues I’ve been dealing with in my life. I know God has a plan and I just have to trust him.

LYNDA: Ah…a school bus driver instructor. Now I understand where your message board name, BusBoss comes from. 🙂  So when did you first start writing?

TIM: I’ve been telling stories and making up poems as long as I can remember. I can remember when I was in first grade we had an assignment to tell a teacher’s aid a story and she would write it … I guess they wanted it legible or something. Everybody else in my class had a story that was about half a page, and mine was almost 2 pages long.

LYNDA: Have you had anything published?

TIM: Other than through the FaithWriters challenge and a couple of other contests, no … I’ve never even tried to get published. I am beginning to pursue a project I’ve considered for a few years, but it’s just in the early stages.

LYNDA: Sounds intriguing. Would you care to expand on what you mean by “project?”

TIM: I don’t really want to say a lot until the ball really gets rolling, but one of my challenge entries from quite a while back has recently taken on a life of his own. Several people here at FW, my work and elsewhere have asked what I’m going to do with him … so …

If everything goes well, my son and I will collaborate on this project and we’ll see where it goes.

LYNDA: Now I’m really curious. Can’t wait to see what it’s all about. What genre do you most prefer to read and to write?

TIM: I learned to read at age four and spent the entire summer before my kindergarten year going to the local library and reading books. I don’t really read a lot for enjoyment any more. I do a lot of technical / legal reading at work, so picking up a book isn’t really relaxing for me. I love to research stuff online – Historical events, medicine and medical issues, trivia and whatever else swirls through my mind and peaks my interest at the time.

With writing I am all over the place. I love to write poetry, humor, and dark, intense or emotional stories. I like to parody famous poems and songs just for fun. I try to avoid nonfiction, historical fiction, and devotionals.

LYNDA: So what brought you to FaithWriters and what’s made you stick around?

TIM: My sister and nephew encouraged me to enter the challenge back in November 2005 … they were regulars in the challenge and on the boards at the time. I didn’t discover the boards for a about month after that. I’ve had two extended absences of 8 to 10 months over the last few years, but I keep coming back because FaithWriters is an awesome place for fellowship, fun, socializing with fellow writers, and receiving feedback to continually improve my skills as a writer. I like to enter the challenge because it allows me to try different things, experiment with genres or characters that I might not try if it weren’t for that particular topic. I have grown as a writer and as a Christian because of the FaithWriters family.

LYNDA: Any unique hobbies or collections?

TIM: Unique? … Not really. I like to ride my bike long distances, but haven’t done that in a couple of years for different reasons. I don’t have any collections, but I am Pittsburgh Steelers fan and have a few fan type items including the Pittsburgh Post Gazette front page headlines from all 6 of their Super Bowl victories.

LYNDA: Very cool! Tell us about your family.

TIM: My wife and I met when I worked for an ambulance service and she was a dispatcher / switchboard operator. We only knew each other about 6 months when we got married … and the way we got married was kind of a fluke. After we checked out of our hotel we happened to drive by the Marriage License Bureau. After a brief discussion we decided it was as good of a time as any, so we got a license, made a quick trip to one of the many wedding chapels and then hurried to the airport to catch our plane. We’ve been married for over 23 years now.

We had a first son, Rusty, that died at three months from SIDS on February 4, 1989. Our son Timmy is now 20 years old and attending college. It’s kind of scary how quickly time flies.

LYNDA: I’m so sorry about your son. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been for you and your wife.

One final question: Do you have any writing goals you’re working toward?

TIM: Other than the project I mentioned earlier, no … not really. I always have a few things spinning in my head, whether I choose to pursue them or not is a different issue.

LYNDA: Thanks so much, Tim, for taking the time to answer my questions. Best wishes to you as you continue on your writing journey . And looking forward to see that project come together!

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