I have good news for all of you Challenge addicts! The Weekly Writing Challenge is back! After a brief hiatus (which seemed like months, I’m sure), a new Challenge quarter begins today.

For those of you who may not know what in the world I’m talking about (gasp!), the Weekly Writing Challenge is one of the most popular features of Faithwriters.com. Here’s how it works:

*A topic is posted on the Main Challenge Page.

*Write anything you wish – an article, short story, poem, devotional, script – as long as it deals in some way with the topic of the week. Only one entry per member is allowed, and content must be from a Christian’s world-view.

*Entries must be within the word count limit – 150 to 750 words. (Entries outside of this range will be automatically disqualified)

*As entries are submitted, a professional panel of judges are working behind the scenes to read and rate each entry according to specific rating categories (See link below)

*The following Thursday, entries are posted on the FaithWriters site for members to read and offer comments. A new topic is announced.

*The following Thursday, the top 10 winners from the first Challenge are announced, entries from the previous week are posted, and a new topic is announced.

Clear as mud?

There are 10 topics in all, each revolving around one central theme. The winners from each week will be published in a quarterly anthology (currently on hold but to resume very soon). Every July, all of the previous 40 #1 winners are judged and the Best of the Best is awarded. The top 3 win a fabulous cash prize! For previous BoB’s and their entries, click HERE.

You must be a GOLD or PLATINUM member to participate in the Challenge. For information on upgrading your account, visit this page: UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT

Follow these links for more information:


HOW TO CHOOSE A LEVEL – Wondering which level to enter? Here’s how to decide.

HIGHEST RANKINGS – this is a link to the top 30 or 40 entries in each week’s Challenge. Although only the top  10 are publicly acknowledged on the Main Challenge Page and are published in the anthology, placing in the top 30 is a great accomplishment!

HINTING TIME Entries are anonymous and we discourage members from revealing which entry is theirs before all judges have turned in their scores. Once the scores are submitted, Deb gives the “All Clear” and members are encouraged to leave hints about their entries in order to get more feedback. It’s a fun time of “hinting and seeking.” On Wednesdays, members may “throw a brick” and just come out and post the direct link to their entry.

RATINGS CATEGORIES – This provides you with the description of each category on the judges ratings score sheet.

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