Just a little of This and That:


*The “Touchy-Feely” Challenge quarter wraps up this week. Today, “The Inner Person” entries will be posted for reading and commenting, and the winners will be announced next Thursday. Then there will be a couple weeks hiatus until the next Challenge quarter begins. Click here to read this week’s entries: WEEKLY WRITING CHALLENGE

*In the September newsletter, we have an Out of the Mouths of FaithWriters section, where members write in with their answer to a particular question. Well, in last month’s newsletter, I made a mistake with the email address (Oooops…) So I would like to re-post the question here and ask for responses. Here is the question: What aspect of nature takes your breath away? (sunset, etc.)

Please send your 1-2 sentence answer to [email protected] Then check the October newsletter to see if your response was selected to appear.

*There are only about 6 weeks left to enter to Page Turner contest. This is an exclusive contest for Platinum 500 members and offers the chance to win a fabulous prize package, including editing, publicity, and $800 cash. For complete details, click here: PAGE TURNER

*In case you missed it, there will definitely be another conference in 2011! Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

*The Down Under conference is taking place on October 9th. Click here for more information, including the schedule, speaker bios, and the registration form:  FAITHWRITERS CONFERENCE

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