I had the honor of meeting Diana Dart at the 2009 FaithWriters conference and was so bummed she couldn’t make it this year. Diana is one of the most humble and encouraging writers I know. She is also exceptionally talented! It is my great pleasure to bring you this interview so you can get to know her a little better. I know you’ll think she’s as wonderful as I do.

LYNDA: Diana, tell us a little about yourself and your Christian testimony.

DIANA: My parents sent my brother and me to church when we were kids. And hey, Sunday School was tons of fun, so I went willingly! During a summer DVBS program in Jackson, MI (I’m from Canada, but have relatives all over the States) my wonderful S.S. teacher told me gently but firmly that Jesus died for ME. Maybe it was the finger she pointed right at me. Maybe it was her voice, so full of awe and love. Maybe it was my 11-year-old heart that was just plain ready… but that was the day I made a personal decision. Then life, high school, ETC. happened. And God has shown His incredible faithfulness through it all!

LYNDA:Was there a particular moment you knew you wanted to be a writer or did your interest develop over time?

DIANA: I used to write those dark, chock-full-of-emo poems and stories as a teenager. The ones where every step in the day is dramatic, you know? I dreamed of becoming a writer, and won some awards in public/elementary school, but never had the courage to actually do something about it. FaithWriters finally sparked me to truly get moving – that was about 2 years ago now.

LYNDA: What sorts of things do you write? And what is your favorite genre to both read and write?

DIANA: Right now I’m writing a lot of Non-fiction. But I LOVE (yes, capital L-O-V-E) almost everything historical, epic and adventurous. Not sappy romance, but gritty, behind the scenes of history type of stuff. In depth Biblical history and British, Scottish and Roman history are my absolute favourites. I’m also an avid mystery reader, but not so sure I could actually write one.

LYNDA: Bragging time. Where has your work been published?

DIANA: Um, I’m not such a good bragger (that’s so not a word, is it?). I have a few blogs I’m a regular contributor on and a few commercial clients that I do web content and stuff for. I’m the local columnist for a nearby paper and a write a monthly gardening article for another local paper. Also, as a regular on Elance I have a bunch of different projects (great place to start off with article and web writing).

LYNDA: More bragging time. Take a moment to gush about your family. Are they supportive of your writing?

DIANA: Ahhhh, my family! They are a fun bunch. My husband Craig is an engineer who barely ever reads (unless it’s a building code or spec). Not the best critic, but always good for a foot rub while I’m typing away at my laptop! My kids, Andrew (10), Adam (8 ) and Megan (3) are incredible. They love to hear about the latest story roaming around in my head and even listen to me go on and on about King Arthur (a personal passion). My boys ask a million questions and love to try and answer mine, which generally gets a stalled story/article moving. And my mom is my biggest fan and a true angel.

LYNDA: On a personal note, your son has severe nut allergies (my own son is allergic to tree nuts, by the way). You’ve started a blog about it. Tell us more.

DIANA: It’s a journey, you know. I didn’t want to start the blog (www.NoNutSense.com) too early in case I couldn’t be faithful at posting. Sigh. Life happens and it’s gone a bit stale, but I’m hoping to get back at it soon. It really could be a ministry since there are so many who live with this (and similar allergies) every day. It’s cool to hear your son has one too… not like, hey congratulations, but more like hey, we’re in this together.

My Pageturner entry this year centers on Andrew’s allergy and how God has shown Himself in remarkable, surprising ways through it.

LYNDA: Good luck in the Page Turner! So besides write, what do you like to do for fun?

DIANA: Laugh. Garden. Read. Eat chocolate. Hang with my family. Watch movies. Bicycle. Eat more chocolate. Drink strong, black coffee. Sing Broadway musical songs at excessive volumes. Tickle my kids. Eat chocolate.

LYNDA: I like all of those things, too. Except the gardening and bicycling, which are exactly what I need after eating all of that chocolate. LoL

Last question: Hopes and dreams for the future?

DIANA: Sigh. I dream of being a real “author” someday. Of spending my days spilling story after story, page after page, onto my computer and having people actually read it somewhere. Oh, and of course I’d be eating chocolate while doing so Wink

LYNDA: Girl, you already are a real author. It’s only a matter of time before the world knows it. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Hope to see you at the conference next year!

DIANA: Thanks, Lynda. You’re a real pro at these interviews, you know. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to all of us at FW. Hugs!

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