It’s that time again…time to applaud, give high-fives, and rejoice with our fellow FaithWriters members for their successes and accomplishments. Join me in congratulating the following members for achieving great things during the month of August:

ORLANDO JAVIEN JR., whose book, God Made Me Pick Up Underwear is a finalist in the competition in the Christian Living category. Winners will be announced on September 1st. CONGRATS!!

LAURIE GLASS, who self-published her book, Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders. GO LAURIE!

J.P. BARNETT, who is in talks with a publisher about publishing his next three game books. WAY TO GO, J.P!

CINDEE SNIDER RE, whose article, Life in the Slow Lane, was published in the June, 2010 issue of The Congregationalist Magazine. WOOT!

NAOMI MARIE who had an article published about her salvation experience in Evangel magazine. YIPPEE!!

CINDY TUTTLE, whose book, Finding the Light of Jesus, will be published by CrossLink in November. AWESOME!

CHRISTOPHER R., who was accepted as  the Denver Evangelical Examiner for YAY, CHRISTOPHER!

LYNDA SCHAB, whose interview has been posted on

PATRICK WHALEN, whose narratives on the Mexican-American War are going to be recorded by a voice talent and used in a museum setting. SO COOL!

JOANNE SHER, who received a request for her full manuscript from a literary agent. WOOT! WOOT!



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