So you’ve heard of Time Sharing? Well, today I thought it would be fun to do a little Blog Sharing. I know many of you have blogs (or if not a blog, at least a website) that you would like to share. It’s always exciting to get more “followers” and “hits.” Let’s face it: it’s nice to be popular! So let’s help each other out!

In the comment section, tell us about your blog – it’s name, its purpose and, of course, the link. Then visit the other links posted and consider “following” that particular blogger. Then, when you find a blog you really like, be sure to recommend it to others, share the link on Twitter or Facebook. Support your friends and fellow writers. Who’s with me?

I have two blogs: – this is my personal writing blog but I often include helpful tips on writing, links to paying markets and opportunities, book reviews, and various giveaways. – this is a relatively new blog, which I update only once a week with links to Christian book giveaways. Check back every Wednesday (or subscribe so you don’t miss anything) and then go forth and enter to win great Christian books! 🙂

Hope to see you there.


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