Writing Christian Articles

(10 Ideas to Get You Started)

by Everest Alexander

Writing Christian articles can be a bit challenging to say the least.

There’s the fear of not being well-versed in scripture or not having a proper grasp on Christian Doctrine, as well as the notion of all the good ideas being already taken.

Well, here’s some good news for you.

I’ve compiled a list of fresh ideas, hot off the press for you to consider and presented them here in this article.

So, the next time you’re stuck and can’t seem to get going, you may want to check this list to get a jump-start.

Here goes:

1) Write Christian articles based on your own testimony.

The number one rule for effective writing is to write what you know, and who knows your testimony better than you. Your life’s experience is more interesting than you think. Somebody out there needs to know what you went through and you need to tell them.

2) Write articles based on other people’s testimony.

I don’t mean copy famous people’s testimonies but base your articles on people that you actually know; friends, family, acquaintances, local church members, co-workers, etc.

3) Write a series of articles based on the life of different bible characters.

You can start with Adam and work your way through the Old Testament, and continue through the New Testament starting with John the Baptist. You may want to highlight one characteristic about the person or maybe a particular experience they had and what we can learn from it.

4) Write a series of articles on great women of the bible.

You can choose one special virtue to write about and select a woman who exemplifies that virtue then write an article about her showing how her life typifies that characteristic.

5) Write Christian articles about Celebrity gossip.

Now, before you think I’ve lost my mind, what I’m actually suggesting is that you use the piece of celebrity gossip as a hook to get your readers attention, while delivering a solid Christian message, full of substance and food for thought.

6) Write a series of articles on Christian Doctrines.

If you’re well-versed in Bible knowledge you may write a series of articles on Christian Doctrine, each article highlighting one particular doctrine.

CAUTION: I would only recommend this avenue IF you knew for a fact that your understanding of the Word of God is accurate. You definitely don’t want to mess up and be leading people astray with wrong doctrine.

7) Write articles based on your Pastor’s preaching or teaching.

Every time you go to church and hear the word of God preached you’re exposed to a wealth of material to base different articles on. This also goes for when you hear good preaching on CD or DVD or even when you read a good book.

8) Write Christian articles about a popular news stories.

Take a popular piece of news (it doesn’t have to be Christian related) and give it a Christian spin or write about it through Bible eyes. You may just want to show how Christians ought to respond to this type of news for instance.

9) Write articles about nature.

Use the world around you to find information which you can then use to wrap your Christian message in and deliver to your readers.

10) Write Christian articles about movies you’ve seen.

Sometimes the greatest messages from God come from the most unlikely sources.

I actually have an article published online about three movies that have greatly impacted my life and it has been getting much publicity, resulting in good traffic to my website.

So, there you have it.

Writing Christian articles for fun and for profit can be very rewarding and with this information I trust you’ll now be more motivated to dive right in and get started.

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