Well, we made it through another year of Challenges. The Best of the Best has been crowned (Go Ann! Read my just-posted interview with Ann HERE). And we’ve taken the normal 2-week Challenge hiatus, giving all of our wonderful judges – and of course, our hard-working, beloved coordinator, Deb Porter – a much needed break.

And now we’re into the middle of July. What happens now? Oh, stop feigning ignorance. You know exactly what happens now.

That’s right. A new year of Challenges is beginning. I know it seems strange to begin the year of Challenges in July, but get used to it; that’s just how it works.Who ever said we do anything normal around here?

The first topic of the first quarter in 2010 is “HEAR.” Don’t worry, there’s still  time to enter. The deadline is Thursday (that would be tomorrow) at 9:59 A.M. Eastern Time.

For those who need a reminder of how the Challenge schedule works, here’s an overview. I’ll use this quarter as an example:

Thursday, July 8 – First topic is announced

Thursday, July 15 – First topic entries go “live” for members to read and comment on. Second topic is announced and open for entries.

Thursday, July 22 – First topic winners are announced. Second topic entries go “live.” Third topic is announced and open for entries.

Thursday, July 29 – Second topic winners are announced.  Third topic entries go “live.” Fourth topic announced and open for entries.

And so on, until the winners of all 10 quarterly topics are announced. Don’t forget, there is always a brief break in between quarters.

So what are you waiting for? Get over there and submit your entry: THE WRITING CHALLENGE

If you would like more information on upgrading your FaithWriters membership so you can be eligible for the Writing Challenge, visit THIS PAGE

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