Isn’t it cool that the first way the Bible introduces God to us is as The Creator? Creating is what He does. Creating is a natural part – a BIG part – of who God is. But while most things are created WITH something (clay, wood, ingredients, legos, whatever), God has the ability to create out of nothing.

He spoke…it was. Period.

So have you ever considered how privileged we are as writers to connect with God more intimately as a creator? I mean, God used a blank canvas. We use a blank sheet of paper (or computer screen). He speaks…we type. We don’t need materials or ingredients or components. All we need is our minds, our imaginations, our hearts.

Not everyone has that creator’s heart. Most people could care less about making something from nothing. They don’t get excited over seeing something come alive on the page. There is no inner desire to create. And because they don’t share that passion, that heart, those people may never connect with God as a creator.

But we do! Every time we sit down to write, we connect with God as a creator. While of course God’s thoughts and ways are well above our puny little minds, we can grasp just a sliver of what He felt like when He saw His work come to life. The majestic colors streaking through the sky. The stars twinkling for the first time against the darkness. The trees springing from the ground. Flower petals opening. Deer pracing across the meadow. Fish gliding through the water. And then, finally, man and woman…intricately designed, perfectly formed. Wonderfully made.

God saw that it was VERY good.

That’s how I feel when I create, don’t you? When characters come to life, when dialogue flows smoothly and plotlines are formed. When a poem or a song or an article comes together. When the words pour onto the computer screen, one at a time, until eventually they create a story. Could there be anything more rewarding?

Okay, so we’re not God. Unlike The Creator, we need to go back and revise. Edit. Improve. It takes us a little more work to craft something very good. But the desire…the love…the need to create…it’s there, isn’t it?

What an awesome thing – a privilege – to connect with God in this way. I am so thankful that He has given me a creator’s heart. Aren’t you?

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