Deb Porter posted this on the FaithWriters message boards a few months ago and I thought it was worth reprinting here. If you’re a new member or just haven’t quite figured out how everything works, hopefully this will help.

Over the years, FaithWriters has grown from a quite simple, one service site to a very large site that provides a multitude of services. As such, it can be a little tricky at times to find your way around.

So if you get lost, there are lots of ways to help you find your way back on track.

1. Visit the Site Map (yes, we do have one)

This is basically the contents page for and is a great help in finding your way around.

2. Visit the Help Section at FaithWriters.

If browsing through the Site Map doesn’t give quite enough guidance, make sure you visit the Help Section, which includes FAQ’s and information about the various services at FaithWriters:

3. Make sure you read our FAQ’s section here on the message boards.

Once you’ve been at FaithWriters for a little while, you may find yourself wondering how to do certain things (like get formatting in your articles and Challenge entries). That’s where our FAQ’s section on the message boards comes to the rescue:

These literally are the most frequently asked questions by members here on the boards. So it’s a goldmine of information.

4. Explore! (Don’t worry. You can’t do anything wrong or get lost.)

FaithWriters’ owner, Scott Lindsay, is a website explorer at heart. To him, half the fun of visiting a website is to explore it all, and he loves it when FaithWriters’ members do the same thing here.

First stop, log on to FaithWriters and go to your Account page. From there, click on everything. Try things out. Submit an article, check out the newest articles, jump into the Challenge. Have fun.

5. Last of all, don’t be afraid to ask questions on the message boards.

There’s no such thing as a dumb question here at FaithWriters. We were all new once, and there is always someone around who is more than willing to help point a new person in the right direction. If you happen to ask a question that stumps everyone, then we’ll still point you in the right direction (to Support at FaithWriters).

If you’re still stuck or don’t understand something, you can email your question to [email protected]
So that’s about all you need to know to get you started. Enjoy exploring.

One last thing, though–if you have actual account problems (lost password, payment difficulties, etc), you need to contact FaithWriters’ Support direct. Gold and Platinum members can do this via the Priority Support option (accessed from the Gold and Platinum member areas on your account page). Silver members should contact FaithWriters via the Contact Us link at the bottom of every FaithWriters’ page.

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