We all write for our own personal reasons. Maybe you write only for fun and have no interest in earning a living (or any money at all) from your writing. Maybe you simply want to share the words God inspires you to write. If so, that’s great!

But maybe you do desire to write for pay. Maybe you have dreamed of seeing your byline in a magazine. Or more than that, would love to receive a check  for something you wrote. After all, what bigger thrill than to know someone is actually willing to pay you for your words and your creativity.

Fellow FaithWriters member and all-around great guy, Glenn Hascall, is a major freelance success story. Currently, Glenn writes the Weekly Writing Articles available to FaithWriters 500 members. Here are just a few of Glenn’s many credentials:

*He has successfully been published every month since 1995.
*His writing can be found in more than 50 books and many magazines.
*As a ghostwriter Glenn has had work published by the Wall Street Journal.
*He’s received payment for more than 3,000 articles, stories or books.
*His creative writing has been dramatized and is heard on radio stations across the U.S.

Maybe you’re already aware that Glenn has written an ebook on how to get started as a freelance writer. I had the privilege of reading (and editing) this book and can tell you, first-hand, that it provides excellent advice and for climbing the ladder as a freelancer. Glenn shares from his own experience and offers suggestions on how to avoid making the same mistakes he did (and he admittedly made plenty!). The style is easy-to-read, insightful, practical, and laced with humor and fun illustrations.

Here are the topics covered in this guide:

How to get started in freelancing.
Where to look for jobs.
What rights are available to writers?
How to plan for taxes.
How much to charge a client.
Ways to avoid making common mistakes.
How to determine if you are ready to move into the world of freelance writing.
How to write a comprehensive contract.
How to determine if a copyright is important.
How to craft a cover letter.
Why submission guidelines really are important.
What jobs are best avoided.
When to jump ship on a project.
What are some terms of the trade.
Why freelancing must be considered work.
Where to go for encouragement.
Why family members and friends aren’t always encouraging.
Knowing when to say no to new work.
There are also links provided to places you can find actual work.
This guide comes with bonus ebooks when you order and I highly recommend it, particularly those just starting out. If you would like more information on this fabulous guide that will help you jumpstart your freelance writing career, click here: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO A SUCCESSFUL FREELANCE WRITING CAREER.

By the way, you receive Glenn’s e-book for FREE when you become a Platinum 500 member. If you are a Platinum member already and didn’t know this, sign in to FaithWriters and click on the link to the 500 member area. Once there, you’ll see the link that allows you to download this e-book.

If you’re not a 500 member, but would like more information on the perks and benefits that come with an upgraded membership (like this e-book!), visit this page: GOLD AND PLATINUM LEVELS

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