Join with me in celebrating the following members for their June successes!

MID STUTSMAN received her first royalty check for her novel, Barriers, a controversial suspense/love story set in Israel. GO, MID!!

NAOMI CASSATA just had an article accepted for publication with Evangel Magazine. The article will be published in August. THREE WOOTS for NAOMI!!

VIRGIL YOUNGBLOOD won 2nd place (and $50) in an essay contest sponsored by Echoes of The Right to God. CONGRATULATIONS, VIRGIL!

BRYAN RIDENOUR’S article, Controversy over building a Mosque at Ground Zero, was recently selected for use on the homepage of YAY, BRYAN!

CHRISSY SIGGEE received a “High Distinction” on her final “Church History to 500 B.C.” assignment. YIPPEE for CHRISSY!

ORLANDO JAVIEN, JR.’s recent book signing event was a huge success. Over 70 people showed up and 35 books were sold. THAT’S AWESOME, ORLANDO!

CHRISTINE RAMEY whose work was recently published on and WOO-HOO, CHRISTINE!

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