As you are well aware by now, the FaithWriters conference is only two months away! I can hear those shouts! It really IS exciting! Not only will we get to fellowship with other Christian writers, but the information and teaching are guaranteed to help you hone your craft and improve your craft. If you haven’t yet checked out the workshops and general sessions scheduled this year, I’m putting it under your nose by posting the descriptions below. Once you see what this conference has to offer, I hope it’s enough to convince you to register.

Next week, we’ll focus on the cool extras that will be available to you at the conference (and trust me, they are VERY cool – you’ll definitely want to check it out).

For complete information, including the registration form, visit the OFFICIAL CONFERENCE PAGE. In the meantime, here is the rundown on the fabulous general sessions and elective workshops this year at the FaithWriters conference.


Don’t Put a Robot on a Windswept Moor –– Genre Matters (taught by Jan Ackerson)

From romance to science fiction, every writing genre has its own unique characteristics. The readers  expect them, and potential publishers will be looking for them. In this session, Jan Ackerson will talk about those, and will suggest ways to make your writing stand out in your chosen genre.

Nuts and Bolts for Better Writing –– If You’ve Ever Written “Alot”, This Session is For You!  (Jan Ackerson)

Have you ever walked down the isle at church and knelt at the alter while the angles sang? If you have, then it sounds like you need the help of FaithWriters’ back-to-basics writing queen, Jan Ackerson. In this fun and informative session, Jan will look at some of the most common mistakes writers make (not just spelling) and show how to avoid making them again (and again and again).

I’m Not Funny … Life Is (I Just Write About It) — Finding the Humor in Everyday Life (Timmy Boyle)

We don’t really have to look too hard to find laughter in life. It’s all around us, but we often miss it  along the way. Join Upstanding Comedian Tim Boyle, as he shares how to capture the funny in the  most ordinary of things, and share it in a way that will leave your reader smiling and wanting more.

How Not to Get an Agent … The Dos and Don’ts; the Ins and Outs. (Linda Glaz)

Linda Glaz, Editorial Assistant for Terry Burns, Hartline Literary Agency, shares her 15-year journey in writing, facing the worst agent on the market and living to talk about it. This session will offer hints and tips to writers on how to prepare material and to “properly” make contact with an agent for possible publication. The dos and don’ts, the ins and outs. How to approach an agent in a way that will make you stand out (in a good way)

Theatre and Fiction — Bringing a Character to Life Through Memories (Linda Glaz)

Join Linda Glaz in this hands-on workshop designed to create fully dimensional characters utilizing tried and true methods of an actor. Come learn how to develop your characters’ personalities, giving them sparkle and depth.

Writer’s Survival: David Ian’s Writer’s Discipline (David Ian)

Submitting to magazines, periodicals, editors, publishers, theatres and churches can be an exhausting and demoralizing process, unless you undertake David Ian’s Writer’s Discipline, a survival course in weathering the emotional pitfalls of assured rejection and inevitable disappointment that await all writers in their quest to find an audience for their work.

Trends in Publishing: What’s Hot … and What’s Not (Deb Porter)

Is your writing caught in a time warp? Are you giving your readers what they want now, or are you serving up yesterday’s news? Join Deb Porter as she shares the latest trends, terrors, tragedies and triumphs in what is a rapidly changing and fairly turbulent time in the publishing world.

Can I Speak Frankly?  Tips from an Editor (that will save you heartache … and save her sanity) (Deb Porter)

Working with an editor should be one of the most encouraging, challenging and motivating working relationships you have on the road to publication, but don’t make your editor’s job harder than it need be. Join’s very own editor and publisher, Deb Porter, as she shares her top tips for whipping your writing into great shape even before your editor adds the final polish. Be an editor’s dream job, not her worst nightmare.

Writing isn’t for Wimps — Finding the Strength to Overcome Obstacles in the Path of Your Passion (Lynda Schab)

You have a passion to write. But passion alone won’t make you successful. There are plenty of challenges you’ll face along your journey. Challenges that may frustrate you and tempt you to give up on your passion altogether. This workshop will cover some of those challenges and show how to overcome them. Challenges like handling harsh critiques, organizing your time, dealing with rejection, and coping with an unsupportive family. Join Lynda Schab and learn how to rise up and kick that writing wimp to the curb, and emerge as the strong and successful writer God intended you to be.

This Little Writer Went to Market — Where and How to Submit your Work and Possibly Even Get
Paid! (Lynda Schab)

So you’re ready to submit your work. But where do you begin? Where can you find the right publications for your articles, poetry, or fiction? Geared toward the beginner, this workshop will provide you with a list of potential markets, as well as some other ways to supplement your income with writing. Half of the class will focus on non-fiction, the other half on fiction. It will teach you not only where to submit your work, but how. It will also cover writing contests and how they can boost your writing career to the next level. By the time you leave, you’ll be equipped with some tips on taking that (sometimes scary) step into the world of writer’s guidelines and manuscript submissions.

Self Publishing: How to Take the Plunge … without Drowning. (Amy Wiley)

Are you interested in self publishing your book, but unsure where to start? You’ve heard the terms POD, subsidy publishing, Vanity Publishing, and self publishing, but what are the differences? JoinAmy Michelle Wiley as she speaks from personal experience on the pros and cons of each method, some pitfalls to avoid, and tips on marketing your finished product. Amy will aid you in making thechoice that is best for you, and help you make your book shine!

Exercising your Creativity — Limber Up Your Lifestyle (Dub Wright)

This session will discuss creativity and roadblocks that might occur due to lifestyle. Emphasis will be put on the physical aspect of writing, protection of health and general well being. Discussions will focus around care for the body and mind. Techniques for comfortable stretching and relaxation will featured. Exercises for the body and for increased creativity will be tied together. Attendees should leave the session feeling relaxed and ready to perform in a more enabling manner.

Clearing the Blog Fog — Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging, But Were Afraid to Ask (Patty Wysong)

For the writer, blogging is much more than a web journal. It encompasses everything from marketing to ministry and so much more. If you’re thinking about blogging, but don’t know where to start, or why you should start, this workshop will get you going. You’ll learn the benefits of blogging, as well as the basics of building a blog, which will give you a boost on your blogging journey.

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