There are two systems of Private Messages (PMs) on FaithWriters. Private  Messages are a great way for members to contact one another without sending actual emails. Some members have trouble discerning the difference between these two messaging systems, so I’ll try to explain it here.

On the regular FW site, you must pay a small fee to access your PMs. Once you sign up, either by paying a yearly or monthly fee, you may send as many PMs as you’d like at no additional cost. Subscription to the Private Messenger service is included with Gold and Platinum memberships.

If you receive a notice that you have a private message through the regular FaithWriters site, you will not be able to access your messages until you either upgrade your membership to GOLD or PLATINUM or sign up for the Messenger service.

More information about the general Private Messenger system can be found here:

There is also a PM service on the message boards. This service is completely free and available to all members.  If you’re not yet a member of the FaithWriters forums, you can register here: REGISTER FOR THE FORUMS

Provided your email address is up to date, you will receive an email to let you know when you’ve received a private message on the boards. The free messages from the boards will have “PHP” and “boards” in the link.

Hope this helped to clear things up. Happy messaging!

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