I hope you’ve been enjoying getting to know the members who placed first in the Writing Challenge and are up for the Best of the Best award. The BoB crown, currently worn by Rachel Burkham, will be passed on in July. Please join me in congratulating the next two contenders.

ALLISON EGLEY – Allison is 26 years old, and graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in May 2006 with a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. She is currently working for the state of Missouri with Vocational Rehabilitation. Allison doesn’t know that she’s always been a “writer” per-say, but she admits she has always been gotten good grades in writing classes at school. She thinks what really made her realize she was a good writer was when one of her English professors complimented her writing in front of another professor. Allison discovered FaithWriters when she was trying to find a place to publish her article “Except God.” She dove right into the challenges, and except for a break during her student teaching, has been addicted to FW and the writing challenge ever since.

Allison’s FaithWriters Profile

Allison’s contending entry: IT’S  A COLORFUL WORLD

MONA PURVIS – Mona is a professional executive who left the ‘career world’ early and now finds happiness and fulfillment in being wife, mother, grandmother. After living in Virginia and Florida, she moved back to South Carolina where I grew up. Mona has written all her life, mostly non-fiction. Her husband is a retired pastor, who loves to paint, now that he has time. They live with their 2 Australian Shepherds. Mona is devoting her life to writing for God’s glory as He leads.


Contending entry: OH! HEAVEN LEIGH DAY!!

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