It’s no secret that going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. But I find that when I am feeling overwhelmed and the brain clutter is too much to bear, going to the movies does wonders! It relaxes me and takes my mind off all my “stuff”, even if it’s only for two hours. And the popcorn helps, too!

Plus, when I think about it, going to the movies is actually working because watching movies provides me with a boost of creativity. I’ve gotten some fabulous ideas and mega-inspiration by watching a good story unfold before my eyes. In fact, I wonder if I can write them off at tax time? Hmmm…something to ask my tax guy.

Of course, prayer and digging into God’s Word is the best way to handle stress and brain clutter. But is there one thing you find yourself wanting to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed? Besides prayer, is there something that helps to take your mind off your problems and refreshes and reengergizes you so you’re better able to take care of the work you have to do?

I’ve confessed my vice – I’d love to hear yours.

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