So with Mother’s Day on Sunday, let’s think about famous real or fictional moms and why we do or don’t love them. I’ll name three to start. Feel free to list other moms that come to mind.

1. Ann Romano – remember Ann from One Day at a Time? To me, Ann always exemplified a strong, single mother, which affected me because I was one of only a handful of kids in my school who had divorced parents. At the time, Ann reminded me of my own mom.

2. Carol Brady – seriously, is there any television mom more memorable than Carol Brady? The episode that immediately comes to mind is when Carol kept Cindy home from school because she had “the sniffles.” Do people still do that?

3. Mary, mother of Jesus – how can I not mention the most famous mother of all time? I can’t wait to get to heaven so I can get the scoop straight from Mary just what it was like to be “mommy” to my Savior.

Your turn! What three famous moms  can you come up with?

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