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Are you a real writer?

Have you ever wondered if you’re a real writer? Well, here’s how you can tell. Read the following statements, then use the guide at the bottom to determine whether you can officially call yourself a Writer.

You would rather talk to the voices in your head than the person sitting by you.

You know the library’s phone number, but not your work number.

Some of the letters on your keyboard are completely worn off.

You have a favorite pen that no one […]


Three Tax Write-offs

Today is April 15, and you know what that means: TAX DAY. Hopefully, your tax forms have been signed, sealed, and delivered!

So, in honor of this special  (or, well, not-so-special) day, let’s list a few things we writers can write off on our taxes. There really are many, which is why, if you work as a freelance writer, it’s a good idea to claim absolutely everything possible to go against your income. Anything to bring down that bottom line!

So here […]


FAQ: Who are the FaithWriters Jewelers?

FaithWriters has many precious members. But perhaps among the most precious of them all are the FaithWriters Jewelers.

The FaithWriters’ Jewelers is a member initiated group that has committed to read every Challenge entry and ensure that each entry has at least one comment. They also post comments on as many of the regular article submissions each week as possible (

The group also chooses a few exceptional new articles each week (from the regular submissions), which they compile as […]


Your Take on Spring Break

My kids were off for Spring Break last week, which gave me a good idea for this week’s Tackle it Tuesday Topic. Here’s your assignment:

You are twelve years old and all of your friends are going out of town for Spring Break while you are stuck at home. You resign yourself to the idea of being bored all week, but then something happens to add some unexpected excitement. In 100 words or less, tell about what happens to […]


And Next on the BoB Contender List…

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the next two Best of the Best contenders!

SHARLYN GUTHRIE – Sharlyn says that first and foremost, she loves the Lord Jesus with all of her heart. As a writer, she has many published stories and poems, and through faithwriters she is enthusiastically expanding her writing abilities, while encouraging others to do the same. Sharlyn teaches Preschool and Pre-kindergarten at a Christian school, and feels priveleged to guide little hands of future […]

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If you weren’t a writer…

According to THIS WEBSITE, it is Explore Your Career Options week. I blogged about this on my personal writing blog, but wanted to post something here because the topic fascinates me.

When I was younger, I considered many different career options. I got married young and never went to college, but instead worked various jobs, trying to find something I loved. After all, writing wasn’t exactly considered a “real job” and I certainly couldn’t make any money doing it, […]


Three “DUH” rules for Writers

There is plenty of writing advice out there that might make you go, “duh.” But, honestly, even if it seems obvious, it is usually essential to writing a great story or non-fiction piece. Here are three “duh” rules for writers.

1. Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip. The point to this rule is to remove anything that detracts the reader from the actual story, such as extensive dialogue, flowery description, etc. Be clear and […]


2010 Page Turner Contest

Can you believe it’s already April? The Page Turner contest has been open for three whole months! Have you gotten your entry in yet? I know it seems like a long time before the October 31 deadline, but if those months go as quickly as the past three, it’ll be here before you can say “got my entry in!”

The Page Turner was created specifically for Platinum 500 members. Each year alternates between fiction and non-fiction, and the 2010 Page Turner […]

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Tackle it Tuesday – April Showers…

You know the saying, April Showers bring May Flowers…

Well, let’s focus on the April Showers part. In 50 words or less, write a story from the perspective of a raindrop. If you’re not used to writing from the viewpoint of an inanimate object, this will be a great challenge for you.

So put on those rain hats and go for the tackle!


More Member Shoutouts!

Time for another round of member shoutouts! Join with me in high-fiving these FaithWriters members for their awesome accomplishments and praise reports!

CAROL PENHORWOOD – Carol recently received news that her poem, “Wings of Faith”, won first place in the Servant House Publications Days of Grace Poetry Contest!  Carol was also named “March Poet of the Month” for The Cypress Times. WOO-HOO!!

TIM GEORGE – Tim replied to a very brief and vague post on the Freelance forum almost a […]

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