Here are three more contenders for the 2010 Best of the Best Challenge entry to be awarded in July. Take a few minutes to read the winning entries and leave  notes of Congratulations to these talented writers!

BETH LABUFF – Married for over thirty years, Beth and her husband Tilman live on the high-desert plateau of northeastern Arizona. They have three grown children, two married, and two adorable grandchildren. With the graduation of their youngest from high school, Beth “retired” as the music accompanist for their local school district. She enjoys writing narrative light verse. Her poems usually give a nod to a Bible phrase or event. She’s written about a leopard that decided to change his spots, a young man discontented with his state, handwriting on the wall (of China), a frog descended from the frogs of the Egyptian plagues, a man who chose to live on the rooftop corner rather than with a quarrelsome wife…

Beth’s FaithWriters profile

Entries in the running for BoB:

Big Game’s Big Game

Catfish on a Hot Tin Roof

Phantom of the Reptile


MARITA THELANDER – Married for 27 years, Marita has worked side by side with her husband in ministry for 22 of those years and they have three kids, ages 25, 22, 19, and five grandchildren. Marita toyed with writing for years but has only recently decided it was time to get down and dirty about it and see where she could take it. Marita welcomes any encouragement from those of you who have been in the trenches for awhile.

Marita’s FaithWriters profile

Best of the Best contending entry: The Sparkly Fingered Woman


LINDA PAYNE: Linda works as a teacher’s aide for special needs children. She is a pastor’s wife and the mother of four children, ranging in age from 17-31. She has one grandchild, a beautiful little girl.  Linda prefers to call her writings psalms because they speak of her relationship and understanding of God. Having been encouraged by others to publish my writings, Linda thought posting her work on FaithWriters would be a good first step to get feedback from other writers and professionals.

Linda’s FaithWriters profile

Challenge entries in the running so far for Best of the Best:

Full Moon Night

To an Old Jack O’ Lantern

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