One of the FAQ’s over on the FaithWriters forum is “How do I track an author?” Deb Porter posted a response and I thought it  was worth re-posting here. She also added another cool tracking feature you may be interested in.

Re-posted from the FaithWriters message board:

If you’ve discovered a FaithWriters’ author that you just can’t get enough of, there’s a really easy way to make sure you never miss any articles they submit at FaithWriters. You can track them (in a non-stalkerish way).

There are two ways to do that.

If you are reading one of their articles, scroll up the page until you see “Track This Author” above the title. Click on that link, and the author will be added to your list of tracked authors.

You will receive an email every time the author submits a new General Article.

You can also track an author from their member profile page, or add them to your favorites.

Your list of Tracked Authors and Favorite articles or authors can be accessed from your Member Account page:

Click on the relevant links under the heading TRACKING on the left hand side of your member account page.

The TRACKING section also has a very handy Submission Tracker to help you keep track of where you have submitted your articles and manuscripts. If you are sending your manuscript or article to multiple publications or publishers, this is a very simple and effective tool.

Once you add the title of your manuscript or article to the Submission Tracker, click on the title. This will take you to a new page where you can start filling in the details (date sent, Publishing house or Agent, form of submission, date of reply, etc.). A very handy tool for any writer actively pursuing publication.

Cool, right? Now that you have the instructions, start stalking, er… I mean, tracking!

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