In the March newsletter, I asked members to sum up the Easter story in only 6 words. I received so many wonderful responses! Unfortunately, for lack of space, I could only include a few in the April newsletter (which will be posted on April 1st.) I’m not asking the same question here, but I figure since it’s Easter week, this Tackle it Tuesday challenge is the perfect opportunity for you to write about the most important holiday in Christian history. So here’s your challenge:

Take on the viewpoint of one of the Bible characters mentioned at any time throughout the Easter story. Maybe it’s Mary, Barabbas, Pilot, Peter, John, another disciple, or you can make up a character from the crowd. In the viewpoint of that character, write a story in 100 words or less about either Jesus’ arrest, his trial, the crucifixion, or the empty tomb.

It’s time to try your hand at biblical fiction! Grab your helmet and go for the tackle! Looking forward to your stories!

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