To tickle your funny bone on this Unfocused Friday…
Never Judge a Book by its Author

Title and Author:

Is O. J. Guilty?   by  Howard I. Know
Animal Illnesses    by    Ann Thrax
French Overpopulation  by    Francis Crowded
Fallen Underwear   by    Lucy Lastic
Downpour!   by   Wayne Dwops
Cloning   by    Ima Dubble
Irish Flooring  by  Lynn O’Leum
Inflammation, Please  by   Arthur Itis
Handel’s Messiah   by    Ollie Luyah
House Construction  by   Bill Jerome Home
Unemployed   by   Tobias A. Pigg
Holmes Does it Again  by   Scott Linyard
Home Alone IV   by    Eddie Buddyhome
Leo Tolstoy  by   Warren Peace
The L. A. Lakers Breakfast  by  Kareem O’ Wheat
Neither a Borrower  by   Nora Lender Bee
The French Chef  by  Sue Flay
Tight Situation   by   Leah Tard
The Scent of a Man  by   Jim Nasium
Why Cars Stop   by   M. T. Tank
Wind in the Willows  by   Russell Ingleaves
Look Younger   by   Fay Slift
Mountain Climbing   by   Andover Hand
It’s Springtime!    by   Theresa Green
No!   by   Kurt Reply
And Shut Up!     by  Sid Downe
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