Many members who regularly enter the Writing Challenge have struggled with knowing just when to move up a level. According to the Challenge guidelines, some members have felt they were required to move up more quickly than they would have liked. There have been more than a few who’ve felt a little uncomfortable in a higher level and would have preferred to stay in the lower level for an extra week or three. This is particularly true when moving up from the Intermediate (level 2) to the Advanced (level 3) level, where members sometimes feel swallowed up by the competition.


Starting this week, we are making a change to the guidelines. Instead of all of the level placement entrants having to move up to the next level, only the 1st place winners are required to do so. 2nd and 3rd place winners in levels 1 & 2 may opt to remain in their current level until they either take first place in that particular level OR decide they are ready to move up. Those of you who are currently entering in the Intermediate or Advanced level but don’t quite feel you yet belong there, you may move back down, except if you’ve placed 1st in the previous level.

It is our hope that making these changes will help take the pressure off those who feel they have been catapulted upwards before they were ready.

For complete guidelines on choosing a Writing Challenge level to enter, visit this page: CHOOSING A LEVEL

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