Focus is a good thing. Not only in writing, but also life in general. So, in order to increase the focus of the FaithWriters blog, starting next week, there will be a daily theme for each post. Here is a rundown of the themes that will be incorporated. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

Member Spotlight Monday – FaithWriters is truly a community. Every Monday, we’ll shine the spotlight on a different FaithWriters member. You might find an interview, or a brief profile with links to a blog, website or an article he or she has written. Just something to help us get to know each other a little better.

Tackle-It Tuesday – Sorry guys, not talking about football, here. On Tuesdays, you’ll be tackling a fun assignment that will challenge you to “let your words be few.” Here’s how it will work: I’ll post a scenario. You write a complete story about that scenario in 50 words or less.  So put on your Thinking Helmet and go for the tackle!

What’s Happening Wednesday – The middle of the week is reserved for FaithWriters updates and information. Check back on Hump Day to find out the latest news from

Thursday Three – On Thursdays, I’ll be posting three of…something. Could be three links to popular FW articles, three fun facts about FW, three random words of the day. The Thursday Three will be posted on the first three Thursdays of the month. The fourth (and fifth?) Thursday will be reserved for…

Thirsty Thursday. To quench your thirst for more writing knowledge, a helpful article on writing will be posted on the last Thursday of each month. These articles may be about freelance writing, the craft of writing, or publishing. Something that will help you grow and develop as a writer. So come thirsty!

Unfocused Friday– The only day without a specific theme. Maybe you’ll find a fun quote or comic strip, an interview with a popular published author, a book giveaway, or maybe just another FW update, if needed. We’ll keep it random and unfocused but, most of all, we’ll try to keep it fun!

Be sure to check back on Monday. Let the themes begins!

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