Who’s been waiting for the 2010 Page Turner contest details to be posted? You? If so, thanks for your patience! I am happy to announce that the wait is over. Updated guidelines for this year’s Page Turner- which once again turns its focus to non-fiction – are now available on the FaithWriters site.


The Page Turner is a contest exclusively for FaithWriters Platinum 500 members. It was created as a way to offer something cool to paying members in thanks for supporting our site. Now in its fourth year, the PT has become a favorite Platinum 500 perk.

Each year the focus switches from fiction to non-fiction. In 2010, as mentioned above, only non-fiction entries will be accepted.

Here’s how it works: Submit the first chapter of your non-fiction manuscript, along with a synopsis of the entire projected book. To answer a common question, no, the book does not need to be complete at the time of entry. However, you are highly encouraged to finish it soon, as part of the fabulous prize package includes FREE editing of the entire manuscript.

The name of the contest says it all. We’re looking for a first chapter that “grabs” the reader and draws them in – a real page turner. If you have a half-written manuscript tucked away in a drawer, or if you’ve had an idea brewing for years and just haven’t poured it out onto paper (or computer screen) yet, here’s your chance. Use this opportunity to just do it. Deadline for entries is October 31st,2010. This may seem like a long way off, but trust me…as someone who has entered the Page Turner, it really does sneak up on you!

So…to quote one of Jeff Probst’s signature lines in Survivor…Wanna know what you’re playing for?

Check out this grand prize package:

1. Free editing of their manuscript (up to 300 pages);
2. A fabulous cash prize
3. Free publicity and marketing of their book on all FaithWriters’ sites (including FaithWriters’ Magazine) for 12 months once it is published;
4. A press release to announce their win to the world;
5. A press release to promote their book when it is published; and
6. A special “Page Turner Champion” award plaque.

Two other entries will receive a Highly Commended award, for which they will receive a special plaque.

So what are you waiting for? Get busy and write that best-seller!

For more information, visit the Page Turner contest page. Platinum 500 members can view complete guidelines for entering HERE.

For more information on becoming a Platinum 500 member so you can get in on this exciting contest, visit this page: PLATINUM 500 MEMBERSHIP

Check out the list of previous Page Turner winners.

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