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The Weekly Writing Challenge is the most popular feature at FaithWriters.com, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that we receive many emails each week with questions regarding The Challenge. Although the guidelines are laid out on the official Challenge Page, here is an easy-to-understand account of just how the Challenge works.

The Weekly Challenge is a great way to improve your writing skills, be encouraged and get your creative juices going. The Challenge is open to all Gold and Platinum members.

The challenge is split up over the year in four quarters, with each quarter having ten topics which all are related to a theme. The theme is a secret until the end of the quarter, although some people like to try and figure it out before the end of the quarters. Deb (breathfreshair) does allow people to PM her with guesses as to the theme, as long as you don’t share it with anybody else.  (No prizes awarded for the correct answer, just a pat on the back. :-))

Judging begins as entries are submitted, giving the four judges nearly a week and a half to go through all the qualifying entries. A while back, the number of entries kept growing so fast, FW added a cap of 200 entries. Entries that are over or under the word count (150 – 750), as well as entries not on topic will be removed without notice to make room for those entries that fit within the requirements.

Sometimes there are breaks within a quarter (like around holidays) and in between quarters. The following schedule gives you the basic outline of how the challenge runs. If there is a break, it is announced on the main Challenge page, saying “No New Topic This Week.” Please do not submit entries during this time. To keep the Challenge addicts satisfied, there are usually mini-challenges on the forum to help keep people busy in between the regular Challenge, for those who just need a fix Smile

Each week, there are places awarded (1st, 2nd 3rd and two Highly recommended) for each level, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters.

There is also the Editor’s Choice, which consists of the top ten entries overall, based on the judges’ ratings. Those ten will be included in the quarterly anthology. Each author is allowed a short bio to be included with their entry in the book. The author’s will have to sign and return release forms to FW if they are chosen to be in the anthology.

Deb (breathfreshair) posts a top 40 overall and the top 15 for each level SOMETIME on Thursday. It will appear when she has time (she’s in Australia, so time-zones play a part in the time of when it will appear).

If you are unsure what level to enter, click here for a helpful guide.

Each year, a Best of the Best is awarded, that is selected out of the 1st Place EC winners by a panel of judges. The top three entries receive a cash prize. Visit the Challenge Page to read interviews with previous Best of the Best winners. For more information on the Challenge itself, including Hinting, click here.

Please note: While Hinting is sceduled to happen on Monday, it is dependent on when the judges get all their scores into Deb and she passes them on to FW. Some weeks we may actually get to hint early, other weeks it may be delayed. There will be an ALL CLEAR thread from Deb (breathfreshair) as well as the infamous “Where’s the all clear thread?” or “It’s almost time to Hint” threads, or some variation on those. Expect high levels of silliness in these waiting threads Very Happy .

There is also usually a thread on the forums when the new topic is announced, where members brain storm, complain or just be silly based on the new topic of the week.


Week 1 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic A is announced.

Week 2 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic A entries are posted, Topic B is announced
Week 2 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic A

Week 3 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic B entries are posted, Topic C is announced, Winners Topic A are posted
Week 3 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic B

Week 4 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic C entries are posted, Topic D is announced, Winners Topic B are posted
Week 4 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic C

Week 5 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic D entries are posted, Topic E is announced, Winners Topic C are posted
Week 5 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic D

Week 6 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic E entries are posted, Topic F is announced, Winners Topic D are posted
Week 6 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic E

Week 7 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic F entries are posted, Topic G is announced, Winners Topic E are posted
Week 7 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic F

Week 8 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic G entries are posted, Topic H is announced, Winners Topic F are posted
Week 8 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic G

Week 9 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic H entries are posted, Topic I is announced, Winners Topic G are posted
Week 9 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic H

Week 10 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic I entries are posted, Topic J is announced, Winners Topic H are posted
Week 10 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic I

Week 11 – Thursday 10 am EST – Topic J entries are posted, USUALLY A BREAK, Winners Topic I are posted
Week 11 – Monday afternoon EST – Hinting for Topic J

Week 12 – Thursday 10 am EST – USUALLY A BREAK, Winners Topic J announced

Hopefully, these instructions have helped clear things up a bit. Have a question that wasn’t covered here? Let us know!

Otherwise, rise to the challenge and enter today! THIS WEEK’S WRITING CHALLENGE

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