At FaithWriters, we appreciate so much the members who have a heart for seeing our ministry thrive. Members who support the site with their finances and their prayers. We consider these members to be the heart and soul of and we could not do it without them.

Many members, however, although they have a heartfelt passion for FaithWriters, are unable to afford the cost of a GOLD or PLATINUM membership. Tough economic times and difficult circumstances simply make it impossible. To some, the cost may seem meager, but unfortunately not everyone can swing the monthly fee.

If you have a heart for not only the FaithWriters site but for seeing other Christian writers achieve the dream God has dropped in their heart, please consider sponsoring a member. If you are in a position that enables you to give an extra $5.95 or $10 per month, why not use it to bless a fellow Christian writer? By sponsoring another member, you are opening the door for them to reap wonderful benefits and perks like entering the Weekly Writing Challenge. Entering the annual Page Turner contest. Reading exclusive Weekly Writing Articles. Accessing the Critique Circle. Ultimately, you are helping them to grow as a writer.

Whereas sponsoring a Platinum 500 member has always been an option, you  are now able to sponsor a GOLD member, as well. The greatest benefit to the GOLD level is, of course, access to the Writing Challenge. The Challenge helps writers hone and develop their skills perhaps more than any other feature at The nice part is that your sponsorship can be for one month, three months, or a full year – whatever length of time you choose or amount you can afford.

If  God has laid it on your heart to sponsor a member in this way, you can do it here: SPONSOR A MEMBER. If there is a particular member you would like to sponsor, let us know. We will contact that member to let him or her know they’ve been sponsored. You can give your name or remain anonymous.

If you are a member who has been sponsored or has sponsored someone else, we’d love for you to leave a comment to let us know your story. How did sponsoring or being sponsored make a difference for you?
THANK YOU so much for your generous support and prayers.

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