Well, FaithWriters.com has officially entered the land of bloggerdom!

This blog will serve 3 purposes:

  1. To inform. No more waiting for the monthly newsletter to find out the latest announcements and information. Now you can receive word on everything happening at FaithWriters.com right here on our blog. We hope to update at least three times per week, so check back regularly. Or, better yet, bookmark us or subscribe to this blog so you will receive notices every time a new post is added.
  2. To entertain. The style of this blog will be casual, laid-back, and most of all, FUN!  Look for member interviews, previous popular Challenge entries and maybe even an occasional giveaway.
  3. To connect. This blog might be about our website, but really, it’s about YOU! Because YOU are the heart and soul of FaithWriters.com. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments and suggestions at the end of each blog post. We are so excited to be able to connect with you in this way.

Speaking of connecting, here are a couple of other ways to stay in touch with us.


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TWITTER – Follow us!

So now that you’re aware of the new FaithWriters blog, don’t you dare stay away. We look forward to providing you with regular news and information on FaithWriters.com!

Keep writing for the kingdom!

Looking ahead at some upcoming posts…

FaithWriters.com leaps to new levels…Fitting in on the Forums…Meet the Man Behind the Mania…FaithWriters for Dummies

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