Isaiah 60:1-22 and John 13:1-15:27

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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Isaiah 60:1-22 and John 13:1-15:27

Post by Jacob Ben Avraham » Sun Aug 29, 2021 5:43 pm

ISAIAH 60:1-22

Israel can rejoice, for the OR ISRAEL has come, the LIGHT of ISRAEL, will attract all the nations. Isaiah gets a glimpse of the future of Israel, perhaps the millennium Israel, when YESHUA is on the throne, what a time that will be. Jerusalem will be the capital of the world, and best of all, we will be serving the LORD during that time too.

There is an identity in the words “light” and “darkness”. We ask, What is the difference? Well, we can say that “darkness is the absence of light”. There is physical darkness as well as spiritual darkness, just as there is a physical light (or light we can see) and spiritual light. We need both. Physical darkness is needed to sleep, for some animals that hunt at night, the flowers fold up and sleep during the night, but spiritual darkness is evil, the absence of Yeshua, the Spirit of God. The physical light is need, to work by, the see, and spiritual light is the knowledge of Yeshua.

The LIGHT has come, YESHUA has come and He will be the guiding light for the nations, because, many nations are still in spiritual darkness, and worship other gods,

Did the prophet Isaiah see airplanes? “Who are these who fly like a cloud, like doves in their windows?” sounds like an airplane to me.

Could it be that Isaiah is taking a glimpse into the future and is seeing many immigrants “flying” to the promised land in airplanes? Perhaps mass immigration? Something to think about. Verse 10 reads; “In my wrath, I have smitten you, but in my delight, I shall have compassion on you.” Elohim has acted as a Father, and like a jealous husband in that, He has chastised within the inch of her life the “daughter of Zion” We have seen this in the book of Exodus, rebels were destroyed, the ground opened up, and swallowed the rebels.

Rebellious and idolatrous Israel was taken captive to Babylon, removed from the Land of Promise. YET… we see that Israel has RETURNED to the land, and is FORGIVEN by our Heavenly Father. If our earthly fathers chastise and punish us when we behave badly, yet will never stop loving us, and will forgive us, much more our Heavenly Father does the same.
We were separated from HIM by our sin, yet forgiven and healed by the “Sar-Shalom” who became our “Sin-offering” and at the same time, our “Peace offering.” He took our SIN and gave us His PEACE. He IS the “Unhewn Stone” the “AVEN of SHALOM”

JOHN 13:1-15:27

In this chapter, we see Yeshua washing his disciples’ feet, this was after the last supper. Many might wonder what was this all about. We must understand the custom of that time. Today, when visitors come to our house, we might show them some easy chairs, get them a drink of water or juice. In winter, we might take their coat and hang it in a clothing closet which might be near the front door. In my aunt and uncle’s house, it was by the front door

In ancient times, the host would have the guest sit down and the host, or the host’s servant or slave would take the guest’s sandals off and wash the guest’s feet. There were no paved roads back then, the roads were dry and dusty, and when it rained, the roads became muddy. A guest might come with either dusty or muddy
Sandals and feet.

When Yeshua washed the disciples’ feet, he was giving the example of “servanthood” the “master” becomes the “servant” to “lead” one must first learn to “serve” washing of the feet also symbolizes “fellowship among believers”

An important part of ministry, is serving others, when we serve others, we are doing it unto God. Yeshua goes on to say in 14:2; “In my Father’s house there are many mansions (or living places)…I go to prepare a place for you…”

Many may wonder what the New Jerusalem is like. This is one detail. There are many places, perhaps houses, many translations say “mansions” that are being prepared for all believers. What will they be like? Only those that are already there know, because they have received their places to live. One thing that we can be sure of, they will be rent-free and cockroach-free. No leaky roofs. Using my own imagination, I describe what one mansion may look like in my short-story “Sarah” from my eBook “God Tales”

John 14:6 is a favorite of many; “Anochi HaDerech, vHaEmet, v’HaChayim, v’ish lo yavo el HaAv bilti al Yadi” This is in the original Hebrew (unless Yeshua spoke these words in Aramaic). In English we all know this verse to read; “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me.”

This verse is interesting when we read it in Hebrew. “Anochi” is a strong way of saying I AM, (with emphasis) “HaDerech” (The Way) which is how the early followers of Yeshua were called before the word “Christian” came into being. “Those of the “Way”. “HaEmet” (The Truth). The word “Truth” is mentioned many times in scripture, and it points to who Yeshua is. Yeshua talked to Pilate about “Truth” and Pilate responded; “what is Truth?” He should of asked; “WHO is Truth?” It is not a “what” but “WHO” The word “Emet” has three letters “Aleph, Mem, Tav” We have the “Aleph and Tav” as the “Beginning and the End” and the “Mem” is in the middle. The letter “Mem” can symbolize “water” and Yeshua is the “Living Water”. So the word “Emet” could symbolize; Yeshua, who is the Living Water who is from the Beginning and will be until the end.

“HaChayim” (the Life) He is Eternal Life and it is what HE gives to us, Eternal Life. The end of this statement is interesting in Hebrew; “No man comes to the Father but by MY HAND” “Yadi” = my hand. The word “HaAv” (the Father) if we rearrange the letters, we can get “Ahav” which means “to love” So what we are looking at is that Yeshua is saying that by “His Hand” (or hands) which were opened to receive the nails, We have access to the Father, which is the pure essence of “love” and his sacrifice (peace-offering) was the ultimate “love-gift” to all mankind.

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