Lighting the Menorah lamps...being the "Light" of the world

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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Lighting the Menorah lamps...being the "Light" of the world

Post by Jacob Ben Avraham » Sat May 29, 2021 7:06 pm

PARASHAH: “B’ha’alocha” (in your setting up)

NUMBERS: 8:1-12:16……ZECH 2:10-4:7…… LUKE 15:1-16:31

We see in this parashah study, various themes. The first being; “going up to light the lamps”. This speaks of the golden Menorah, which was inside the Mishkan. As we know it was made of pure gold, one single piece hammered out to light the inside of the Mishkan. How they did that, making it from one piece of gold is a miracle, but we serve a God of miracles.

The menorah had seven branches, “7” is the perfect number of YHVH. Gold symbolizes purity. So, we serve a pure and holy God who sent YESHUA who is the LIGHT of the world. The seven-branch menorah had seven lamps that were filled with pure olive oil. The priests would light the lamps in the evening until morning light. The light of the menorah was the only source of light in the Mishkan. Outside was darkness, yet YHVH was outside in the form of a column of fire, inside, the menorah burned so that light was always there.

It was Aaron's job to light the menorah lamps. There is a Midrash that says that, concerning the job of cleaning and lighting the menorah, the angels explained to Aaron; "When a man is sick, the physician tries to find the cause of the ailment and remove it. It is easy to light the menorah. Anyone can do that. But it takes a special person to clean the lamps and remove whatever would dim the brightness of the flame. You are like the skillful physician because you will make it possible for the light to burn brightly." Then Aaron was satisfied.

There are two parts of the faith. One is kindling the spark of faith, the other is cleansing the heart so that the spark of faith may become a bright flame. (Heaven on your head, D.S. Kahana, pg 151)

Yeshua is our light, He is with us and gives us his light both day and night. We are like the branches of the menorah; we need to stay connected to the oil to have light. Yeshua said: “Ye are the light of the world”, just like the moon has no light of its own but reflects the light of the sun. The moon up close is full of meteor craters, it is a pock-marked satellite in space, not very attractive up close, but when we look at it from earth, we do not see the pock-marked surface, only the light that is reflected from the sun.

The same is with all believers, we are all “pock-marked” with the stain of sin, but YHVH looks at us through the light of Yeshua and sees us as “Kol Kadosh” (All-holy). The stain of sin is not only covered by the blood of Yeshua but also atoned for. Dealt with completely.

The Levites were offered up to YHVH for service. To honor this, there was the burnt offering and the sin offering on their behalf. There were two bulls and an offering of fine flour. The bulls speak of the strength of Adonai, and the fine flour, one could say “Yeshua the Bread of Life”. Yeshua is our strength and our life, if we are going to be like the Levites, dedicated to serving HIM, then we need HIS strength.

In chapter nine, we read about the Passover, always to be celebrated by ALL believers, even if we can’t celebrate it always on the 14th day of the first month, such as the case of some who were unclean by touching a corpse. There is always provision, they could celebrate it on the 14th day of the second month. All believers celebrate the Passover (abbreviated) when we take communion, some churches do it twice a month, some celebrate it every Sunday, but no matter what the tradition is, we are reminded of HIS body and HIS blood.

When the cloud lifted, the Israelites would move, when it settled, the Israelites would stop and make camp. That is the way all believers should act, when we are led by Adonai, we should be sensitive to his calling, to his direction, sometimes we need to wait on him, wait for him to move, or move others, sometimes the waiting can be a few days, or years. We should try not to get ahead, that HE may not follow US, but US following HIM.

Chapter eleven tells us about the “complaining” of the people. Sounds like us at times; “grumble, grumble, grumble and groan!” “What? Manna again?” we’re tired of manna Waffles, manna bagels,

Fillet of manna, manna patties, manna tortillas, manna-shakes, etc.…Oh the stuff we had in Egypt, we miss it so much!” but…they forgot to mention that they were slaves, slaves to a tyrant. Adonai gets angry and “fires up” the people. “You want meat?” “OK, I’ll give you meat!”

Rex Humbard, a TV preacher once said; “God may give you what you want, but you may not want what you get!” We need to be satisfied with the little or the much that Adonai gives us, be it just beans and rice with tortillas, or a steak with potatoes. HE will ALWAYS supply our needs. Sometimes I think that people eat just too much. We need the physical food but we also need the spiritual food which comes from the Torah.

Chapter twelve speaks of Miriam and Aaron when they spoke against their own brother Moshe.

It says, “because of the Cushite woman that Moshe married” What happened to Zipporah? Maybe she died. A Cushite is a Sudanese, a black woman. So what? In some places, there is still racial bigotry, some do not believe in “mixed racial marriages” God doesn’t have a problem with it, and there is not a commandment against it. There IS a problem with mixed FAITH marriages, when one is a believer and the other isn’t! then, there are problems with being “unequally yoked” Yet the problem addressed was that Miriam and Aaron were questioning Moshe’s authority as leader. “Hey, God speaks to us all, right? Well... back then, it was Moshe who conveyed Adonai’s words, yet Adonai placed his spirit upon 70 other tribal leaders too, this was to help Moshe “bear the burden” .

Miriam was stricken with “Tza-arat” (leprosy) she was afflicted with some kind of skin disorder for her words against her brother. But why wasn’t Aaron stricken as well? He was there too? Aaron was under the “anointing” while Miriam was not. Moshe prayed for her healing, the shortest prayer in the Bible; “El na r’pha na lah!” (Oh God heal her!) and seven days later, she was healed.

Let us be careful of our words that are directed towards servants of the LORD, lest we err and suffer the consequences, we may get more than just a skin rash. We should uphold our spiritual leaders and support them.

ZECH 2:10-4:7

The prophet Zekaryah speaks saying: “And many goyim shall be joined to YHVH in that day, and they shall become MY PEOPLE” (vs 11) But wait a minute, isn’t Israel the people of YHVH? Yes, they will NEVER cease to be, but also, the gentiles will be “joined with” the YisraEL im, and together, AM ECHAD! (One People).

There was a High Priest named Yehoshua, and Nav Zekaryah (Zechariah the Prophet) describes him as wearing filthy garments, YET, his garments are changed to costly robes, his GUILT has been removed. Is there a connection between the name “Yehoshua” and “Yeshua”? Yes, they are one and the SAME. Yeshua has removed our GUILT of sin, through his sacrifice on Calvary’s cross.

The stone with seven eyes, what could that be or symbolize? We could say that the Stone is YESHUA the solid ROCK, who is perfect, (illustrated by the number 7) and through His sacrifice of death on the cross, the sin guilt of the land was removed in that same day! The land can also symbolize the people of that land.

LUKE 15:1-16:31

Yeshua teaches the Prushim (Pharisees) an important lesson. They were criticizing him for receiving tax collectors, and other “sinners” probably the ones rejected by the religious leaders and listened to Yeshua.

Many came to accept His forgiveness and love. Yes, there is great joy in Heaven when one lost soul comes to accept Yeshua as Messiah and LORD. We ALL need to continue to listen to HIM. It does not stop at accepting Yeshua as LORD, it is only the beginning. We need to grow in faith, continue to “listen” to Him through his Word and through the Holy Spirit. When we mature in faith, we also gain spiritual gifts.

What do we do with them? Do we use them to the glory of God? Or do we ignore them, and let them waste away? What do we do with the possessions that YHVH gives us? Do we use them wisely? Do we use money wisely? Is it really ours? Or is it HIS? Yes, the passage says; “you can not serve two masters” we can only serve one, yet many serve the “money master” we can have it all on this earth, and have very little or nothing in heaven, or…have a little bit on this earth and have riches in heaven. We need to look at the BIG picture.

Shabbat Shalom...Ben Avraham

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