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Jacob Ben Avraham
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Post by Jacob Ben Avraham » Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:40 am


This is the 17th day of June, it is officially ¨ Father´s Day in Central America, and here in El Salvador, all offices are closed, it is a day off for everyone, so as to celebrate this day with dad. Everyone storms the supermarket, which is the only place in this small city called Ciudad Delgado which is a section of San Salvador, that has AC, yes, AC is almost nonexistent, with exception of malls and the supermarket which is up the street some ways.
One must get used to the heat and use box and rotary fans and stay outside and rock yourself in hammocks. Yes, Father s Day is important to the population. Dad has a special role in the family scene. If it were not for dear old dad, you would not be reading this. It takes mom and dad to make you and me, and it takes our heavenly father to place the spirit and soul inside our bodies, so as to make us ¨Living Souls¨.
We have in fact, 2 fathers. One is our earthly father, who deserves respect and honor, even if he has been a scoundrel or a ¨Dead beat dad¨ we must honor the position of the father and forgive his misdeeds. But we also have a heavenly father. Our father in heaven has no faults, He is our ¨perfect father¨ who knows what we need and gives us what we need and even, what we want at times.
But who can call God our ¨Heavenly Father?¨ as in the LORD´s prayer Our Father who art in Heaven, holy is thy name…Adonai Elohim is the creator of all mankind, yet He is only the father of his family members. So, that means that the only people who can call God ¨Father¨ are those who are part of the Family of God. That can only come by the ¨New Birth¨ accepting Yeshua (Jesus) as Savior and LORD.
Once we are part of his family, then, to honor Him who has set captives free, we should read and study His Holy Word, and putting into practice his perfect Torah, (instruction). As family members, we have chores to do in our households, as members of God´s family, we have also duties, obligations to do, rules that He has set down for us in his Holy Writ, we call those commandments. Yet, we must remember that we obey those commandments NOT to become members of God´s family, but because we ALREADY ARE members.
We honor Him when we become part of a local ¨Kehilah¨ (an assembly of believers) most call it ¨church¨ I am just using the Hebraic equivalent. We gather there to worship and learn from chosen leaders (pastors, rabbis, Torah teachers, Sunday School teachers…) His Holy Word, fellowship with others.
We honor him when we set time apart to talk with him in prayer. Telling him our needs, wants, concerns, etc. Sons and daughters who do not talk with their fathers have a lousy relationship. Most problems occur through non communication. So, let us talk to our father in heaven, just like we talk to our earthy fathers.
Another way to honor our heavenly father is when we make amends with our earthly fathers, for those of us who have broken relationships with them. Make amends with dear old dad, it may be hard for some, but it will make our heavenly father smile. So, Happy Father´s Day to all. And don´t eat the cake all in one sitting.

Rabbi Ben Avraham
San Salvador, El Salvador

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