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Cleaning Up this Forum

Post by Deb Porter » Sun Nov 07, 2010 5:48 pm

After the major server meltdown of February 2009, most of the threads in the Forewarned is Forearmed forum were seriously damaged (with many posts lost). Unfortunately, a lot of good information was still accessible, with some difficulty, so I didn't like to wipe them completely. However, it's time to start again.

So over the days and weeks ahead, I will post a few of the subsidy press/vanity press type companies and leave them open for discussion. Please do not slam any company, even if you are absolutely certain it is questionable. We really just want to deal with the facts. If they are charging high prices for a publishing service, for example, then that's a fact.

In the same way, if you have had a good experience with one of these companies, please feel free to share that as well. However, be prepared for some questions regarding some specifics of your experience (not in a negative way, just for clarification regarding such things as the costs you were charged and the royalties you've received, and whether they required your manuscript to be edited, etc.).

So please feel free to ask questions regarding specific publishers, and we'll do our best to discuss them. If we don't know anything, we'll try to find out as much as we can (and point you in the right direction).

Be prepared, though. Subsidy Press companies are growing at an alarming rate due to the arrival of print on demand technology. So there are a lot of new companies popping up, but a careful look at their website should reveal what they are.

Love, Deb
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