Writing courses

These lessons, by one of our most consistent FaithWriters' Challenge Champions, should not be missed. So we're making a permanent home for them here.

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Writing courses

Post by Doe64 » Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:37 pm

Hi Jan,

I thought the writing courses offered through this site were free for Platinum members, yet when I checked out the writing courses page, it appears we must pay. Which one is correct? Thank you!
Also, I've taken writing courses in the past so already have a fair amount of knowledge. Which courses would you recommend?
Thank you, Jan.

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Re: Writing courses

Post by glorybee » Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:06 pm

Hmmmm. You may have asked the wrong person; I don't really know anything about the FW writing courses. I'd recommend that you contact FW support about that--but if you got a notification that there's a fee attached, I'd say that's probably the case (and if so, then the info on the site should be changed). At any rate, FW support should be able to either answer your question and/or change the site's info to reflect what's more accurate.

I've never taken any writing courses. Maybe you could post a question on the Open Forum here on these message boards, asking if others here have taken writing courses that they found valuable.

You're definitely free to scroll through the posts on this forum (Jan's Writing Basics), and even to take a crack at any of the assignments. They haven't been active in a while (I should really think about starting them up again), but I still get notifications when someone posts, and I'd definitely respond to any "homework" assignments that you tackle here.
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