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Returning to class?

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:52 pm
by glorybee
I've had enough people say that they've really appreciated these 'lessons', so I'm thinking that I'll pick up where I left off months ago--with my thoughts on the judging criteria for the Writing Challenge. Look for a post here either Sunday or Monday on the next criterion:

Did the entry start well?

For a list of all of the judges' criteria and for Deb's discussion of them, see this link.

Once I post the lesson, you can do me a few favors:

1. Tell others about the lesson, especially those in Beginners or Intermediate levels, or those new to FaithWriters and the message boards, and

2. Prticipate in the class! It's truly, truly a no-pressure situation. No grades, no deadlines, just feedback, and I keep it encouraging and helpful. If you don't feel brave enough to post the 'homework' (which is typically VERY easy), you can post a question or a comment--that'd be nice, too.

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:06 am
by tammies00
I am glad that you are re-starting the classes. I have been reading the previous classes and the replies.