List of Previous Weekly Writing Article Topics

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List of Previous Weekly Writing Article Topics

Post by Writetrack » Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:03 am

Well, with the recent FaithWriters server meltdown, we lost all of the posts about the Weekly Writing Articles. Don't panic, we didn't lose the articles themselves, just the posts here on the board. Posting a link to all of these articles again would be a lot of work, so here's what I'll do. Below, is a list of all the articles Glenn has written since the Weekly Writing Articles were first introduced, up to the server meltdown. You can browse through and see the titles, then click on over to the regular 500 members area and find the one you're interested in. The articles are listed in the same order that they're posted over there, so you should have no trouble finding them.

I will continue posting the new articles as usual. Again, this list is only those articles that were lost during the server meltdown.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I know it's easier to just click the link that takes you straight to the article. Hope you don't mind one extra click.

Here is the link to the list of Weekly Writing Articles, beginning with the most recent: ... hp?start=0

Previous Weekly Writing Articles

A Writer's Palate: Acquiring a New Taste

Hash and Rehash, But Looking for Something Original

Spinning Plates at Compatibility Junction

Pray for the Eighty-Cent Writer

Developing a Relief Fund Through Writing

Marketing. Success

In Pursuit of a Comeback

Developing a Podcast

The “Three Story” Challenge

25 years: An Autobiographical Journey

Writing: A Tool in the Hands of God

Writing in Third Person. Easy?

Should a Writer Stay True to Their Original Writing or Give in to the Editor’s Pen

Live Wisely – Write Well

A Novel’s Nuts and Bolts

Can I Correct A Poor Publishing Decision?

Writing Success and the Three Joy Busters

Freelance Misconceptions – The Fearsome Foursome

An Editor’s First Impression. Does it Matter?

Wind Beneath My Waffle

Critiques: Thanks For the Help, But I’m Even More Confused

Outward, Inward and Upward Writing

A Nuts and Bolts FW Ebook

Writing That Uses Family Members

The Problem With Writing Partnerships

Brain Cramp

So Many Question Marks in One Article

Writer's Boot Camp

The Tough and Tender Scribe

The Writing Process

What Does a Publisher Mean When…

Who Ya Gonna Call? Poem Busters

I’m Writing More, but am I Protected

The Best Time to Write

Writing – Should I Call It Work?

Am I A Spiritual Misfit If I Write for A Secular Publication?

I Demand My Rights – Or Should I?

New Tricks for Aging Literary Canines

Breaking into the Newspaper Biz

Patience, Iago

Did Glenn Really Say That? A Writer’s Real Life Contrast

Publishing. It Really is a Big Deal.

A Writer Who Markets Their Writing

You’ve Got Ten Minutes. How Will You Spend It?

A Writer’s Passion and the Feelings of Inadequacy

I Am Publishing My First Book And I Am In A Rut

Writing In View of the Judges

Is the FaithWriters Conference for Me?

I Wanna Write Like Him/Shifting My Writing Focus

Waiting on an Elusive Dream

Breaking Into Freelancing With Slave Labor

Should I Just Give Up?

Goals and Deadlines

Motivational Ascertainment and the Writing Challenge

Putting an Article on Hold

Inspiration: Drawing From A Well

The Location for Writer’s Soup

Ezine Development and the Faith Writer

Looking to Sweeten the Pot

In a Perfect World Writers Would Write

When The Day Job’s In Question

Magazine Writing Top Ten

When Good Article Critiques Go Bad

What To Do When Your Story Won’t Cooperate

An Act of Submission

Ebooks – Where to Start?

No Respect for the Poet?

Am I Lazy or Just the Owner of a Highly Creative Muse?

Is Any Writer Special Anymore?

Austin Mistreated?

Life After the FW Conference

Assuming Another Voice

What’s In A Question?

Footnotes and Permissions

Publishing Dilemma Across the Big Pond (and a bit down under)

If It Can’t Be Fun…

An Agent Revisited

The Benefits of Rejection

Creative Nonfiction?

The Meaning of Success

Fan Fiction for Fun and Profit?

Essence of Week Old Tuna

Ending Well

A Fickle Muse

Which Came First? The Market or the Writing?

Maybe This Time They’ll Say Yes

Seven More Tips for all Writers

I Don’t Want to be a Beginning Writer Forever

Random Thoughts from a Freelancer

A Case of Writer’s Perseverance

Is an Academic Subject for the Masses Still Academic Writing?

Straight-Talk – Poetically Speaking

What if I Don’t Know the Publisher’s Name?

Refrigerators, Integrity and Rewrites

Which Comes First? The Query or the Manuscript? Part # 2

Which Comes First? The Query or the Manuscript?

Promotion, Publicity and Book Signings

A Writer’s Day

Academic, My Dear

A Case for an Agent

Writing: A Midlife Crisis or Fulfilling a Call

Shrinking Opportunities and Wrong Conclusions

Collaborations: Good Idea or Headache?

Write On – Send On – Press On

When Am I Good Enough To Publish?

Income Tax and the Freelancer

Self-Marketing For Those Who Are Self-Conscious

Writers: Cracked Pots Watering Flowers

Pick a Card - Where Does it Take You?

Helping Others Pursue the Dream

The Comma Commandos

Writer's Block or Brain Potato

Devotional Writing: Condensed Verbiage

Galleys and Reviews: Promotion and Cost

First Person Narrative and the Second Draft

What's in the Envelope? Creative Vulnerability Exposed

Write On

The Company You Keep

Staring at the Dotted Line

I've Got This Book: Publishing Options

Understanding Your Rights

Cyber Trophies, Bragging Rights & Anthologies

Writing: Off the Beaten Path

Ghost Writers in the Sky

Professional and Polished

Hitting the Submit Button

The Motivation Consideration

More Than a Hobby

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