Why Enter the Page Turner?

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Why Enter the Page Turner?

Post by Deb Porter » Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:39 pm

With only days left to get entries in for the Page Turner (http://www.faithwriters.com/page-turner.php), some members may be thinking it's just too hard to get their entry ready in time. In fact, you may even be thinking "Why bother? My chapter isn't anywhere near ready for a contest like this."

Well, think again.

Sure, winning the Page Turner would be awesome for any writer, but there is another big reason to enter--whether you take home the prize or not.

Every year, wise people take advantage of the option to get feedback on their entries. They just need to include a little note on their entry saying they would like this.

Once the winners have been announced (December 1), I get to work compiling the Page Turner feedback for the people who have requested it. This is a long process and takes months, so don't stress if you don't get it straight away. Each feedback report runs between 2-3 pages and can be quite helpful if the author takes it on board.

So even if your manuscript is not ready for publication, the Page Turner is an excellent opportunity to get some feedback to help you on your way. If you are working on a novel right now, then you should be entering the Page Turner Contest (particularly if you are already a Platinum member). The next Fiction contest will not be until 2015 (non-fiction next year).

What are you waiting for? You may be a little nervous, and you may feel that this is a risky step, but really, you have nothing to lose (unlike the little mouse below) and so much to gain.


Hope to see you in the list of Page Turner entries ... before time runs out.

Love, Deb

PS: (Don't forget, if you have submitted an entry and NOT had a confirmation email from me, PLEASE let me know immediately.)
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