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Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 1:11 am
by Shann
Since many are searching for something to binge watch, read, sing, etc, would you like to share a book you're reading right now, a movie you're watching, a TV show you've been watching that you might not watch if not for the extra time, the last song you listened to, or something positive that God has blessed you with recently (any or all)?

I tend to read suspense and just finished Tess Gerritsen's The Shape of the Night, which is about an author who has a dark secret and fled to Maine to escape. She rented an old sea captain's house and finds out several women have died in the house. When mysterious things appears, she wonders if she's going crazy, drinking too much, actually seeing a ghost a perhaps something darker. It started a bit slow and took me much longer to read than usual, but I finished it yesterday and was happy enough that I checked out another one of her books, based on the TV series Rizzoli and Iles (which was turned into a TV show on TNT from 2010-2016, which might be my next show to watch).

Then I found a YA book I've just started called After by Amy Efaw. This is a bit on the dark side too. It has lots of flashbacks. The 15 yo wakes up with pain and is hemorrhaging. She hasn't had the best life, but is a star soccer keeper, with hopes for the Olympics until That Night. The police find a baby in the trash can behind her apartment and she is arrested for attempted murder. Her mother bails, leaving no clues where she has gone or if she will ever come back. Devon is struggling to remember what happened with help of lawyer Dom as she adjusts to prison life. I'm only half-way through, but it reads fast and even though it's dark, I find myself aching for the MC and hoping someone can help her figure out this horrible mess.

I'm not much into songs, but have enjoyed some paradies.

I also don't watch too many movies, but have been watching lots of TV shows. The one I've been watching lately is TLC's My 600-Pound Life. It's a documentary about super morbidly obese people who have a year to try to get approved for weight loss surgery. It's okay. I find myself praying often in this one. Today I found an old show I used to enjoy, Lie to Me, which is about experts who can tell if people are lying using microexpressions. They often solve crimes and base episodes on a crime or a case that someone needs to know if client is lying. I'm also watching All in the Family. When it was originally aired, my mom refused to allow us to watch it. That of course made me want to sneak out and hide behind the chair or couch and catch a peek. Most of it went over my head. Although there was one episode that ended up being quite pertinent in my life. I think I saw the show first. It's called "Edith's 50th Birthday" and is about a man who breaks in and attempts to rape Edith. Something very similiar happened to my grandmother shortly after I saw that episode. I had always worried about Grandma. She was one of the most important people in my life and I saw her daily. I was so afraid something would happen to her and turned all kinds of things into a crisis in my mind. But one morning, it wasn't my active imagination. Grandma was an amazing woman. Not only did she fight off her attacker, identify him to the police, but taught me an invaluable lesson on forgiveness. Every time I see that All in the Family episode, memories of Grandma flood back and I'm inspired by her faith and strength.

While these shows and stories are on the dark side, God is using them to speak to me in many ways. It's kind of cool how the Holy Spirit can work through scary times and show his love in many unexpected ways.

Lastly, I want to share the best thing about this quarantine. Since everyone is making things available online, I've been blessed with being able to participate in Bible study, watch my old minister do daily devotions, Bible study, and services. I've missed my old minister so much (it's been 5 years since he left to go serve a new area). Even better though, is I'm able to watch my son preach to his two congregations. He is in Alabama, so the ability to watch him preach is such a huge blessing. I often sit there with tears running down my face. I'm so humbled by his wisdom and can feel the Holy Spirit work through my son and speak to my heart too which is beyond amazing.

I know I'm a bit chattier than most, but I hope you all will consider jumping in and sharing some things. You don't have to go into huge details, and even if the books or shows aren't necessarily Christian, I know many still watch the, and am positive God can use them to speak directly to my heart. Even if you only want to share one or two things, I'd enjoy hearing what everyone is doing and it might help bring more activity back to this site.

FW has blessed me for over 10 years and I'd love to see the boards get a bit busier again. So I'd love to challenge everyone to read and leave some comments on at least 2 threads, or you could start a new thread too! I have noticed there are a bit more entries in the weekly challenge, so I'd like to challenge everyone to enter at least one or two stories (including me) ;I have entered for almost a half a year! In that vein, I'd like to challenge you to comment on five entries in the level you'd enter, and three each in the other two levels. This means you only need to read and comment on around 2 a day, with a day for rest! Anyone up to issuing your own challenge?

Most of all, use this time to get to know FW again and if anyone needs a sponsor, so you can take advantage of all that this site offers, please send me a note and I promise to do my best in finding you a sponsor! :thankssign :thankssign :thankssign

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Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:58 pm
by dub
Just came back to FW today. Been gone too long. Very sickly ... log morbid story, but without hair am coming back. Anyway, long before being locked away in my cottage, I was sequestered for medical reasons, and watched everything on Netflix, wrote 3 novels, practiced keyboards and generally began finding sanity in music and working on a new language. That is my recommendation - take the time you have to learn a new language, study Hebrew or Greek or French (if you must) but find something to really push your mind, and wake up with the challenge of learning more each day. At my age (73) there may not be many mornings left, but with God's help I am going to master Irish Gaelic and this "covid" mess ain't gonna stop me.

Re: Recommendations?

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 2:16 pm
by Shann
I'm so sorry to hear you've been going through medical problems, but am delighted you are feeling well enough to pop back in. You've been missed. I think your recommendation of learning a new language is a great idea. My husband's father is from the Netherlands and I've often wanted to learn Dutch. Now is a good time!

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Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:14 am
by dub
I love Holland, was there a few years ago. If we ever get a chance to travel again we may return. You can bike all over Amsterdam and the scenery is absolutely fabulous. Most everyone speaks English as a second language, but learning Dutch, which is very close to German is a great idea and would be fun to do as a family project.

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Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 12:09 pm
by deejay
I bought a little AM/FM radio and from time to time I would listen to it, on an oldies station. But the earbuds kept popping out of my ears, so last week I finally got a set of headphones. Now I can listen to music while doing puzzles. And since they're noise-canceling, it's great because I don't have to listen to the crappy movies everyone else in the shelter is watching. I listen to KRTH 101 FM. Earlier this week, I heard a new song by U2. It starts with spoken word, a man saying what tough times we're living in, then a black guy says how hard it is to not be angry, then another person says they believe things will get better, because they have to. Then you hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking, then the song comes in. Another speech by King, then the rest of the song. The name of the song is "In the Name of Love". It's so beautiful, but from King's speeches, you realize he knows he's going to get killed. I've gotta look that up on Youtube.
Ran out of masks, so I bought a four pack of bandanas. The advantage over masks is that you don't have those loops over your ears; I have sensitive skin, so that was an owie. The drawback is the knot keeps coming loose, so I have to retie it from time to time. Too tight, my nose gets mashed.
Sunday night sounded like a war zone, with fireworks and M-80s going off all over. At one point, a group of people came marching along the street in front of the shelter, shouting but otherwise doing no harm. A mile away, the windows and glass doors of two drug stores were smashed out and boarded over.

I had just turned 9 when the Watts riots broke out in 1965, and it was the same--looting, destroying property, rioting, because a white officer arrested a black motorist in the predominantly black neighborhood of Watts in L.A.. Fifty-five years later, they're still doing it, and the irony is, they are destroying black and Latino owned businesses. So they're shooting themselves in the foot.

Re: Recommendations?

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 2:46 pm
by dub
Have noise cancelling earphones to use with my keyboard. Only way I can hear the notes as my hearing loss gets greater every year. Although, I got new hearing aids last week, and heard air conditioning for the first time in 50 years. I try not to watch National News too much, repetitive and disturbing. I watch a little local news for local stories. Mostly I just read and write.