Pacific Coast Rest-Stop

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Re: Pacific Coast Rest-Stop

Post by deejay » Thu Aug 05, 2021 11:45 pm

Apartment is fine; Monday and Tuesday nights/mornings I got the shock of my life when for two nights in a row my TV came on all by itself! Turn it off, a few minutes later, it comes back on again! I told the co-worker who had given me the TV what was going on--plus it changed channels by itself-- and she suggested I check the settings. I can unplug the TV, or give Spectrum a call.

Last week we had a bingo game at the apartments, and I won a theater box of plain M&Ms and a 30 day bus pass!
No cat yet, but my supervisor asked what I was looking for, and I said a black shorthair boy at least a year old. Today the above mentioned co-worker slyly asked me what I was planning for my birthday next Tuesday, I said I didn't have anything specific planned. Yesterday I went for another LifeLine screening, one they call Female Plus, which tests thyroid, liver, kidneys and A1C. I should get the results in 3 weeks.
I really need to get my netbook fixed, I keep getting issues with the space bar and the letter M. It also tells me it needs a new battery. Fortunately I go to a really good place, bit of a trip to get there, but the work is excellent and the prices are fair.

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