How Do I Change My Picture Here in the Forums?

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How Do I Change My Picture Here in the Forums?

Post by RedBaron » Mon May 08, 2006 11:32 am

There are a couple basic ways to get an Avatar on each of your posts. FW supplies some that you can select from.

Go to your User Control Panel (at the top of the forum).

When that opens, click on the PROFILE tab.

From that page, select the EDIT AVATAR option from the menu on the left.

You can then either click on DISPLAY GALLERY to select one, or you can insert a link to one of your own custom avatars/pictures (some people change them frequently).

How do I get a custom avatar?

To use your own picture for an avatar you will need to post it on the internet. You can open a free and private account at and use it to host your pictures. PhotoBucket will allow you to resize the picture so it fits.

PLEASE NOTE: Your picture cannot be bigger than 80x80 pixels and 6 kb.

If you use Photobucket, once your image is hosted there, you will have a selection of URLs to choose from for that picture. Use the one that is a basic http:// type one. Copy it, then come back to the EDIT AVATAR page here in your USER CONTROL PANEL.

Paste the URL (or link) to the photo in the LINK OFF-SITE spot, then click on submit.

If you would like to use a picture you find on the internet, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind. All pictures posted on the internet are not free for public use. Please make sure you get your picture from a free clipart place. Also, be sure to save the picture to your computer, first, and then use PhotoBucket or a similar program to host it. Otherwise every time anyone looks at the message board, it will use the picture owner’s costly broadband.

Once you have your new profile picture (avatar), pop over to this thread, post a message and test it: ... p?p=353722

If it looks the way it's supposed to look, then you're all set and ready to go. If it doesn't appear, or if it does appear and it's huge, ask for help. There's usually someone around who is more than happy to help you.

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