How do I do links?

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How do I do links?

Post by RedBaron » Mon May 08, 2006 11:28 am

You may post the links by pasting the url in your post like this:

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Or you may have the link show up as text by typing:

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Or if you simply type the link , it will work as well.

This works in regular posts and signatures in your profile.

OR more specifically -step by step

Step 1 - Open a new post or reply.
Step 2 - Copy the URL you want to have as your link
Step 3 - Click the URL button (look up and to the right of the box)
Step 4 - add an = so it looks like this (without the space)
Step 5 - paste the URL after the =
Step 6- Type your title between the [url]and the

[]My Title[/url]

Step 7 - Click submit


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