How do I do the Bold, Italics and stuff like that?

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How do I do the Bold, Italics and stuff like that?

Post by RedBaron » Mon May 08, 2006 11:12 am

There are two different sets of codes for doing formating:

Challenges and Article Submissions:

To use italics, bold, center and underlined text:

<center> CENTER </center>
<u> underline </u>

Note: If using formatting for Challenge entries, please keep it to the most basic of codes (as shown above). Please don't use fancy formatting to create shapes, add images, or color. This is to ensure each entry is judged on the creativity of the writing and not on the layout. (It is also a headache when it comes time to preparing the winning entries for publication.

For the Forums:
You use [ ] and [/] instead of < > and < />
You can either type them in by hand, or highlight the section you want and click on the button above the text box. The colors and font sizes are in the drop down menus.

PLEASE NOTE - the codes do NOT work in the Free Reprint section.

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