How Do I Add Reference Numerals to Challenge Entry?

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How Do I Add Reference Numerals to Challenge Entry?

Post by Deb Porter » Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:45 pm

Although we ask for HTML code in entries to be kept to an absolute minimum (bold, italic, centering, and underlining), there is another use of code that may be helpful for some people--particularly if entering instructional or devotional articles.

There are times you may want to include reference numerals, with corresponding footnotes, to clarify or give more information regarding something you've written. This may be very confusing for the reader without making those numerals appear quite obviously separate to the text. In other words, if you wrote:
There was no other alternative but to impignorate my guitar.
The reader would probably be clueless.

If you wrote:
There was no other alternative but to impignorate1 my guitar.
They would probably still be clueless, possibly thinking the 1 was either part of the weird word, or a typo.

So we need to make that numeral stand out. It could be done like this:
There was no other alternative but to impignorate (1) my guitar.
But that's still a bit clunky. So how much cooler to use a little bit of HTML code to make it really obvious that the reader can have their puzzlement solved by checking for a footnote. There are two ways you can do it, but we'll just stick with the general way to make superscript numerals or text in your entry (for references):
There was no other alternative but to impignorate<sup>1</sup> my guitar.
That little bit of code will superscript the numeral and make it obvious that you have a footnote regarding that particular piece of your article.

You can use this for any numeral or text you wish to put in superscript (in other words, displayed above the line). Just use the <sup> before the numeral or text you want to superscript, and then the closing code </sup> after.

Unfortunately, I just tried to post the example in the next post so you could see it as it would look in your Challenge entry, but that bit of code was apparently a bit too much for the message boards to handle (even with HTML code enabled), so you'll just have to trust me that it works for Challenge entries. :mrgreen:

But what does it mean?

Impignorate: An obsolete word meaning pawn or pledge.

In His love,

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