How do I Find My Profile Page (and Old Challenge Entries)?

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How do I Find My Profile Page (and Old Challenge Entries)?

Post by Deb Porter » Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:41 pm

Every member of FaithWriters has a Profile page which shows all their Regular Articles, Challenge entries, Critique Circle submissions and Free Reprints (as well as any bio information you have included).

So how do you find yours? Well, there are a few different ways:

1. Easiest way--there is a direct link to your Profile page on your account page at FaithWriters. Login to FaithWriters. When your account page opens, scroll down to where it says UPDATE AND MANAGE YOUR PROFILE/ACCOUNT. To reach your profile page, click on the VIEW YOUR PROFILE LINK in that section.

2. If you don't want to login, you can go to the home page of and scroll down the page to the section on the left side that says FOR READERS. From there, click on the link to SEARCH BY AUTHOR'S NAME. That will take you here:

It can be useful to save that page as a bookmark for fast, future reference.

3. Another simple way is to comment on someone else's article or Challenge entry. Once you comment, your name will appear in the comment box as a link to your profile page. Just click on your name and you'll be taken to your profile.

4. Last of all, your articles and Challenge entries have your name under the title. Click on your name and you'll be taken to your Profile page.

If you would like to change your bio information, you can do that by going to your FaithWriters' account page. Once on your account page, scroll down to the UPDATE AND MANAGE YOUR PROFILE/ACCOUNT box. Click on that and it will take you here:

From there, you can change your profile information, including your display name. For example, I was Deb Porter when I first signed up at FaithWriters, but later changed my display name to Deborah Porter. Changes like that can be made at any time and will automatically change your display name on all your articles.
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