What's the Difference Between Print and Reprint?

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What's the Difference Between Print and Reprint?

Post by Deb Porter » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:52 am

An excellent way to get exposure for your writing is to submit some of your articles/stories/poems to the Free Reprint Section:


Members who have done this have found their work popping up all over the internet, and it definitely helps to get your writing out to the public in a wide variety of ways. The Free Reprint section is a very popular destination for people looking for material.

However, one of the questions most commonly asked by members about this area is the difference between "Printed" and "Reprinted".

When you submit an article to the Free Reprint section, there are three things that may happen to it:

1. People may come and just read it.
2. People may come and print it.
3. People may come and reprint it.

The first is self-explanatory, but things get a bit confusing when looking at the figures for prints and reprints (in the Manage Articles section on the Free Reprints site).

If the figures show that a number of people have printed your article, it means they opened the option to print that page and then probably printed it off for their own use (or maybe to use in a church bulletin, etc., later).

If the figures show that a number of people have reprinted your article, it means they opened the option to reprint that page, possibly with the intention of using it in a print or online publication.

The print option provides a print friendly version. The reprint option provides both a plain text and VERY basic HTML version (text version is useful for print publications, and the basic HTML may be useful for people planning to use the material in an online publication).

In both the print and reprint figures, there is no guarantee that the person who opened that option actually did anything with it, or even took a copy. However, it is most likely they did.

Being free reprints, there are almost no strings attached for users (except that the user include the author's name and bio note, as well as a link to FaithWriters.com). Because of this, there is no onus on the user to contact the author and let them know they are planning to include their article in a publication. Some do, but it's rare.

To help track their articles online, some members have set Google alerts (using their name and article title) and have been pleasantly surprised to find their work popping up in online publications all over the web (and even around the world).
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