Can a Silver Member Enter the Challenge?

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Can a Silver Member Enter the Challenge?

Post by Deb Porter » Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:56 am

Originally, the Writing Challenge was open for all members. Unfortunately, due to the global economic crisis and FaithWriters' own financial concerns, we had no option but to institute three levels of membership--Silver (free), Gold ($5.41/month) and Platinum 500 ($10/month).

Until 2013, only Gold and Platinum members were able to enter the Challenge. However, we always felt bad about that. The Challenge is such an excellent way for writers to hone their skills, gain exposure and confidence, and even possibly win cash prizes and publishing opportunities. So now we are making it possible for all Silver members to participate in the Challenge four times--enough to experience the fun for themselves.

Starting January 2013, every Silver member will receive four Challenge credits which will enable them to enter any four Challenges at any time during their membership. The credits can be used all in a row, or they can be spread out over time (whenever a topic takes your fancy).

Gold and Platinum members will continue to have open access to every Challenge as long as they have an upgraded membership.

Once a Silver member has entered four Challenge topics, they will need to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum account to continue entering.

For more information regarding upgrade memberships, log in to your account at FaithWriters and click on either the Platinum or Gold boxes at the top of the page: ... t-main.php

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