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Respect for Members

Post by Deb Porter » Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:48 am

FaithWriters has a very large membership base made up of unique men and women from a wide variety of denominations. As such, there will always be times when certain members will disagree with one another. This is only natural when various personalities and differing beliefs connect, particularly in the relative security of an online community.

Generally speaking, disagreements among members are very rare at FaithWriters. The vast majority of members go out of their way to treat one another with respect--as requested by FaithWriters. This is shown in almost every area of the site, which has always made it an oasis for writers. This safe and encouraging environment is something we do everything we can to maintain.

As mentioned before, however, there will be those occasional times when two points of view clash. There may even be times when someone appears to be deliberately inflammatory in the things they post here on the message boards. When that happens, we ask that members do one of two things. Either:

1. Discuss the matter calmly, peacefully, and with grace, recognizing that greater care and skill is required when responding to people through the written word (as the reader cannot see expressions or hear tone of voice); or

2. Choose not to respond to the post at all. A fire without fuel will quickly die out.

If a member decides to post something in reply to an upsetting or inflammatory post, then they must ensure that their reply is focused entirely on the issues raised by the other person. Under no circumstances must they attack the person in any way.

Also, if the decision is made to discuss the matter as mentioned in the first option, we also ask that maturity be shown in knowing when to agree to disagree and step away.

Calling people names and using bad language either here on the message boards or anywhere at will not be tolerated. If a member is seen to be doing either of these things, they will be warned once, and then the next time their membership on the message boards will be suspended.

Also, unless a thread is for prayer for a specific person, or to encourage someone, members must not start discussions focused on another member. In other words, any negative threads about members will be removed without notification. For example, a thread with the subject line "BreathFreshAir Stinks" would be considered a negative thread about a member, with absolutely no value to the community.

We ask very little of our members, except that they treat one another respectfully, and choose to turn the other cheek when it is obvious someone is simply looking for a fight.

In His love,

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