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Introduction to "Ask an Editor" forum

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:54 pm
by glorybee
The writing lessons seem to have run their course, although I'd still love to post there from time to time, if ideas for lessons occur to me. In the meantime, I'm sure that occasionally when you're writing, you may have a question:

Does a comma go here?
Is this sentence grammatically correct?
What's the best way to begin this memoir?
What do readers of [genre] expect?
Does this sentence work?
Can I break this grammar rule?

If you have those sorts of questions, this is the place to ask them. I'll try to answer each question the same day it's asked. The only thing I'd warn you about is not to ask a question here that would identify a Writing Challenge entry yet to be posted.

Please don't post a reply to this post--more people will see your question and potentially be helped by it if you start a new post in this forum. Thanks!

Bring them on!