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       Dr. Michael Cochran, D. Th.


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Teaching the Word and Touching the World!

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.
2 Tim 3:16-17 (NKJV)

Thank you for visiting my Web Site. I am a Christian writer and have a growing selection of Christian Living Articles/Devotionals "Free To Share" inspired by the Word of God to encourage the reader in their walk with the Lord. (© 2014 Michael Cochran Ė All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

Published Author

Studied Business Management at Potomac State College, 1972.

Studied Business Administration at West Virginia University, 1974.

Master of Biblical Theology Degree from True Hope Bible Institute, 2012.

Received Doctor of Theology degree, May the 1st, 2013, from True Hope Bible Institute, Springfield, Mo.

I pray my writings give you encouragement, hope and truth in the Love and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Dr. Michael teaches a useful, practical understanding of Godís Word and of His Will that is not only refreshing but actually helpful in real life situations where a person fails or succeeds as a child of God in this world!

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The purpose of this page is to teach the Bible in a way that will help you understand God's Word and apply His truths to your everyday life.

Christian Articles/Michael Cochran

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The following are the Michael Cochran Ministries statements of faith which we hold to be true as declared in Christian Scripture, The Holy Bible.

The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, True Word of God; Godís message to all humans whereby we are informed that Ö God is the Creator of all that is or ever will be; He is Holy, Just Righteous and Merciful. The Bible is the Word of God, containing the Gospel of God the hearing of which produces the faith a person must have in order to receive salvation. Apart from the Bible, mankind cannot know God, cannot have faith nor find salvation or spiritual redemption.

GOD IS ONE GOD that manifests and expresses Himself in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.

GOD SO LOVES the world that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, into the world to live a sinless life so making Himself an acceptable sacrifice for the atonement of our sin.

JESUS ON EARTH living as man, in the flesh, was tempted in all points like as we are, yet He did no sin; by His crucifixion became the propitiation for our sins, for the sins of the whole world, that whosoever believes on Him shall not die but have everlasting life which was secured and guaranteed for us by God the Father raising Jesus up from the dead, leaving the grave and ascending into Heaven where He has gone to prepare a place for us to be with Him forever!

THE HOLY GHOST: God the Holy Ghost is on earth to convict sinners of their guilt and draw them to Christ Jesus for salvation and adoption into the family of God, and then to fill the Believer with the presence of God; giving us power to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ, teaching, guiding and reminding the Believer of what Godís Word says and comforting and interceding for the Believer in prayer as we know not how to pray as we ought!

THE DEVIL is a created being whose original state was that of a holy angel of God who, through pride and love of self rebelled against God seeking to usurp and to become Godís equal, the result of which was his banishment from Heaven and declared to be satan, adversary of God and all that God is, wills, does and will do. The devil is limited in power, yet for this present time holds power over the systems of this present world, is the author of evil, false religions and rebellion against God, he is the father of lies and continually seduces and induces humans to sin, making every effort to blind and keep blind to the Gospel those who are spiritually perishing. The ultimate fate of the devil is everlasting punishment in a lake of fire created by God for the devil and his angels.

MANKIND was created by God, formed from the dust of the earth, originally formed in the image of God. Sin became the natural born state of humans due to the first man Adam (and his wife Eve created from the side of Adam) choosing to listen to and follow someone else besides God, our Creator-Father. Mankind lost its original image of God and from that time to this, all humans are born in the image and family of sinful Adam and into death because of sin and the committing of sins and so each of us needs forgiveness for our sins and redemption from the power and penalty of sin. Due to this, each person must be born again by applied faith in Jesus Christ the Lord and so redeemed from their sin guilt and regenerated by the Holy Spirit and renewed by the Word of God.

GODíS LAW was given to Moses under the Old Covenant in order to identify and define sin and to show that humans are simply not able to live a life without sin, and therefore no man is able to justify himself before God. Godís Law was totally fulfilled and satisfied in the Lord Jesus Christ.

SIN is the transgression of Godís law. Sin is the natural state and condition of humans at birth and is their predilection to commit transgressions of Godís law. Natural man is Sinner, not because of his actions but is the identity of his natural state, the absence of true goodness, which causes his sinful actions.

CONDEMNATION is upon all humans because all are declared guilty by Godís law and if a person rejects Christ Jesus, refusing to have faith in him for salvation, such a person rejects Godís love and offer for eternal life and everlasting reward and so will be forever condemned to be separated from God in Heaven and will exist in the torment of hell (which was originally prepared for the devil and his angels). But God desires that no human soul perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9), yet God will not violate our free will to choose and force us into repentance or into a relationship with Him, thus our ultimate destiny is chosen by our free will.

SALVATION is through applied faith in the Lord Christ Jesus for the forgiveness of sin whereby we are redeemed from the curse of the Law and we are redeemed out of the hand of the enemy, the devil, who no longer has controlling power over our lives and neither shall sin any longer have dominion over us! By faith in Him, so shall we be hid in Christ, in place to receive life and love from God our Father and to live in His blessing upon this earth and surpassing death in Heaven everlasting where we shall become forever uncorrupt and incorruptible! Amen!

SANCTIFICATION comes by our living faith in Christ Jesus which brings the reality of the Holy Ghost becoming our indwelling Companion, Comforter, Guide, Teacher, Intercessor and Helper for the duration of our life on earth as Godís children, sealing us unto the redemption of the Lord reserving us as His and performing within us His work of progressing sanctification until the final day of atonement when we shall all be changed from corruptible flesh into glorious incorruptible bodies no more capable of sin and thereby being absolutely holy as He is holy thus living forever with our Lord, God and King! Amen and Amen!

THE TRUE CHURCH is the collective Body of Believers in Christ Jesus over the whole earth, all who have in truth become born again by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ. The True Church has many members all of which are fitly joined together with specific purposes and responsibilities to the Lord Jesus Christ. Within The True Church are gifts of ministry leadership, given by Jesus Christ for the purpose of equipping and edifying the saints (members of the Body) and these Gifts of Ministry are: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, all of which are in existence and active today and have been since the founding of the Church and shall be until the Church is reclaimed from the earth by the Lord Himself. The True Church is empowered by the Holy Ghost to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ to the world for the purpose of evangelism through the continual expression and exhibition of Godís love. The True Church is not part of this worldís systems nor is it subordinate to the powers of this worldís ruling powers and therefore the members of the Church are to live according to the standards of God and commands of Christ Jesus who is our Lord and King forever! Amen!

ETERNITY is the realm of God. Godís creation has no end. All humans shall live forever, without end, either in Heaven in loving fellowship with God or in eternal damnation apart from Godís loving fellowship. Earth was created to be without end, yet because of the contamination of sin, the earth shall, after the ultimate banishment of the devil and his followers into the lake of fire, be destroyed by fire and recreated, free of sinís existence and there shall be only the dominion and kingdom of God and His creation forever more! Amen and Amen!

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Mountain Of Truth

My article entitled ďMountain of TruthĒ was published in the April-May(2013)issue of Christian Focus Magazine. "Expressions Of Faith" published in June issue of Believer Life Magazine and "Be Of Good Cheer" published in August issue of Believer Life Magazine.

  • Received Certificate of Ordination
    January the 23rd, 2014
    from True Hope Churches and Ministries.

  • Masters Degree in Biblical Theology from True Hope Bible Institute, Springfield, MO.

  • Received License to Minister, September the 12th, 2012 from True Hope Churches & Ministries.

  • Doctor of Theology Degree, May the 1st, 2013 from True Hope Bible Institute, Springfield, Mo.

 Dr. Michael Cochran, D. Th.  
 51 Lippazon Way  
 Delaware, Ohio, 43015  Contact:

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