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As far back as she can remember Evelyn McKinnon had passionately displayed a keen affection for words.

As far back as she can remember Evelyn McKinnon had passionately displayed a keen affection for words. She remained fond of dissecting the gift of language and much like a sponge she soaked up the intrinsic play on words. She found out early on in life that writing brought about a satisfaction that few other activities wrought. She discovered it to be a grand and remarkable means for expressing herself. She started by journaling. It proved to be the ideal conduit to unearthing a new world of possibilities. Coming from humble beginnings in the rural south, fed her fascination as stories came alive in her mind, as well as the accounts of her own family’s history which spawned her first book, a work still in progress, “A Daughter’s Hope”.
Ms. McKinnon also takes pleasure in writing songs and is currently working on producing her first music project called “Count it Joy”.
Ms. McKinnon’s truest inspiration comes from a most likely source, her relationship with God. She jubilantly makes it known that He is her everything. Crediting Him for the gifts and talents he lovingly spoke into her from the beginning. Meanwhile, she invites you to pick up a copy of what she has been privileged to share. Find a quiet spot, grab your favorite beverage, kick off your heels and cozy up on the sofa. Now come along with Ms. McKinnon as she takes you down a path to a place called wonder. Who knows what sweet harvest this journey will yield. Now shhhhhhh!


Short Story
Reaping Your Harvest During a Recession

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  • My Second book of compiled poetry still a work in progress
    called, "A Reflection of His Grace."

  • My Third book also a work still in progress called, "God Sure Knows How to Wow a Lady!"

  • A music project in progress called "Count It Joy!"

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biography · articles · accomplishments · contact me


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