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       Pam Ford Davis


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Freelance Writer with Devotions as my first love in writing.

Born in the small Syracuse, NY suburb neighborhood of Mycenae-located half way between villages of Fayetteville & Chittenango.
My husband and I live on in his mother's gourd farm in Epps, LA.

While dating my husband, WNDR DJ Norm Davis, he led me to trust Jesus as my personal Savior & Lord in the fall of 1967. We were married two months later.

We have an adult daughter and son, who are both married and have blessed us with grandchildren.

I have worked in both Radio & TV and currently work as a volunteer on local Non-Profit Low Power FM Radio stations.

Red Glass Slipper
Understanding God
Women's Window
Jesus my Joy

Short Story
'Once a Pillar'

Other Article
'The Sandwich Generation'

The editor of Living Life Abundantly Magazine ( me recently with exciting news. They will be reprinting some of the devotions from my 'Forget-Me-Not Daily Devotional' ebook in upcoming issues of their magazine. "Knitted Together By God" features one of my devotion articles monthly. It's been a joy to have been a writer for Deaf Missions Daily Devotions for several years. I'm also a regular contributor to

  • Published articles and devotionals in Christian magazines, E zines, and Devotional books.

  • Articles published in Mature Living Magazine

  • Contributing writer for Deaf Missions Devotional

  • Contributing writer for Knitted Together by God, and Coosa Journal.

 Pam Ford Davis  Work phone: 318.926.5391
 Epps, 71237  Contact:

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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